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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"administrative machinery of the Communist Party in Russia," 1950, from Russian, from German apparat "apparatus, instrument," from Latin apparatus (see apparatus).


n. The Soviet machinery of state bureaucratic administration, or a similar communistic structure.


Apparat can mean:

  • Apparatchik, a functionary in the Soviet Union
  • Apparat (musician), Sascha Ring, a German electronic musician
  • Apparat Organ Quartet, an Icelandic band
  • Apparat Singles Group, a fictional comic book publisher
  • Apparat (software), a language manipulation and optimization framework
Apparat (musician)

Apparat is the stage name for Sascha Ring, a German electronic musician living in Berlin and previous co-owner of Shitkatapult records. Starting out with dance floor-oriented techno, he later started to create ambient music and more recently became "more interested in designing sounds than beats".

Usage examples of "apparat".

First we lose Gouzenko and the whole of the Canadian apparat and the scientist Fuchs, then the American apparat is cleaned up, then we lose men like Tokaev, then comes the scandalous Khoklov affair which did great damage to our country, then Petrov and his wife in Australia–a bungled business if ever there was one!

Our operation must be delicate, refined and aimed at the heart of the Intelligence apparat of the West.

It must do grave damage to the enemy apparat–hidden damage which the public will hear perhaps nothing of, but which will be the secret talk of government circles.

But Secret Services are expensive, and small countries cannot afford the co-ordinated effort which produces good intelligence–the forgery departments, the radio network, the record department, the digestive apparatus that evaluates and compares the reports of the agents.

His liquidation will be of benefit to all departments of our Intelligence apparat.

There must be no crowding of our apparat there, no congestion, no unusual activity.

We Synthetics are confronting a cultural mind-set, what your apparat, Eugene, would call a paradigm, that is directly opposed to everything that unites the Synthesis.

They managed to capture me without knowing anything about the spook apparat but rumors.

Nach wenigen Minuten war Bensons Körper durch ein Gewirr verschiedenfarbiger Drähte mit den Apparaten verbunden.

Nur war die Ecke der Neuropsychiatrie mit ihren vielen elektronischen Geräten und Apparaturen bisher noch nie benutzt worden.

In ihm arbeitete eine Apparatur, die ihn unerbittlich und präzise dem nächsten Anfall in die Arme trieb.

In zahllosen Unterredungen hatte sie den beiden klar gemacht, daß die eingepflanzte Apparatur Bensons schon vorhandene Wahnvorstellungen verschlimmern würde.

Der Apparat begann monoton zu klappern und schrieb irgendeine Meldung aus.

To demonstrate the government's impotence, to blind its eyes among the populace, and to leave a vacuum the insurgents' political apparatus could fill.

Regaining control of the political apparatus after the mass arrests following the Ultimate Decree had been a nightmare.