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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apaches \A*pa"ches\, n. pl.; sing. Apache. (Ethnol.) A group of nomadic North American Indians including several tribes native of Arizona, New Mexico, etc.


n. (plural of Apache English)

Apaches (subculture)

Les Apaches was a Parisian Belle Époque violent criminal underworld subculture of early 20th century hooligans, night muggers, street gangs and other criminals.

After the news about their notoriety spread over Europe, the term was used to describe violent street crime in other countries as well; for example, "Russian apaches".

Apaches (film)

Apaches is a Public Information Film (PIF) made in the United Kingdom in 1977. Produced by the Central Office of Information (COI) for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it was shown extensively in the Southern, Westward and Anglia regions, before being shown either on film or videocassette in primary schools. It was shot on 16mm film at a Home Counties farm in February 1977. The 26-minute-long film deals with the subject of the dangers to children on farms, and has been seen in schools all over Britain, as well as Canada, Australia and the United States. The timeframe of the film is somewhat confusing, giving a surreal feeling to the events portrayed. The film was directed by John Mackenzie, written by Neville Smith and produced by John Arnold and Leon Clore. Apaches is now one of the most notorious public information films of all time.

The film, which dovetails the narrative conventions of the western with PIFs, follows the misadventures of a group of six young children (Kim, Sharon, Michael, Danny, Tom and Robert) in a rural British village, who enjoy playing on a nearby farm. Throughout the film the children play at being " Apache warriors", hence the film's title. All but one die in various shocking accidents, largely due to the children's carelessness, suggesting that the children would still be alive if they had known what dangers lay ahead. Other commentators have suggested, however, that the adults were also responsible, as they appear several times and do not attempt to stop the children. It is narrated in-character by Danny (Robbie Oubridge).

Usage examples of "apaches".

There were not many Indians apart from a few small tribes of Apaches, some of whom planted cornfields along the rivers when the season was right.

Out on the flat below, where the Apaches waited, the heat waves shimmered and danced.

This was Pima or Papago country, and they were Indians who were friendly to us, and who fought the Apaches on every occasion.

When those Apaches hit us it was every man for himself, and Billy Higgins and me, we taken out a-running, heading for the rocks where we could make a fight of it.

That bowie knife was a heavy blade, razor-sharp, and when those two Apaches jumped into the hollow with me I took a wicked swipe at where they figured to be.

I said, knowing that was more Apaches than many an Indian fighter got in a lifetime.

The men were talking of the Apaches, of some children stolen by them, perhaps killed.

They refuse to allow any of our armed forces to cross the border in pursuit, although I believe there are some indications the two governments may work together against the Apaches.

In a few cases individuals have traded goods or horses for a prisoner, but if the Apaches are pursued, they usually kill their prisoners.

By the time the stage arrived in Tucson, Laura was well posted on the activities of the Apaches in Arizona Territory, as well as on the many times they had killed or kidnapped children, from the Oatman Massacre to the moment of her stage trip.

When I'd needed help the whole lot of them had come a-running, and if the Apaches had Orrin's boy I'd have to move fast before they killed him .

A lot depended on how old the boy was, on how he reacted, and on how fast the Apaches had to move.

That was Kahtenny, one of the most dangerous and elusive Apaches of them all.

Right now they are trying to arrange a working agreement with the Mexicans to join forces in stamping out the Apaches.

I have heard that if the Apaches are attacked they will kill all their captives.