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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anomia \A*no"mi*a\, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ? irregular; 'a priv. + no'mos law.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of bivalve shells, allied to the oyster, so called from their unequal valves, of which the lower is perforated for attachment.


n. 1 (context neurology English) The inability to remember names. 2 (context neurology English) The difficulty in finding the right word.

  1. n. inability to name objects or to recognize written or spoken names of objects [syn: nominal aphasia, anomic aphasia, amnesic aphasia, amnestic aphasia]

  2. type genus of the family Anomiidae: saddle oysters [syn: genus Anomia]


Anomia may have several meanings:

  • Anomic aphasia, a type of aphasia
  • Anomia (genus), a genus of bivalve
    • Anomia furcata = Monia zelandica
    • Anomia simplex
    • Anomia trigonopsis

Not to be confused with anomie or anosmia.

Anomia (genus)

Anomia is a genus of saltwater clams, marine bivalve mollusks in the family Anomiidae. They are commonly known as jingle shells because when a handful of them are shaken they make a jingling sound, though some are also known as saddle oysters.

This genus first appeared in the Permian period of China, Italy, and Pakistan. Anomia species are common in both tropical and temperate oceans and live primarily attached to rock or other shells via a calcified byssus that extends through the lower valve. Anomia shells tend to take on the surface shape of what they are attached to; thus if an Anomia is attached to a scallop shell, the shell of the Anomia will also show ribbing.

Usage examples of "anomia".

Varus was staring after Anomia with hungry eyes, his gaze lingering on the door she closed after herself.

She wanted to escape Anomia, for she sensed the dark undercurrents swirling around her.

Gundrid, but Anomia had already convinced the old priest augury would settle important questions.

Chatti men believed there resided in women an element of holiness and a gift of prophecy, which explained why Freyja and Anomia were held in awe.

Why had she listened to Anomia when she had known the moment she met Rizpah that she was kind and trustworthy?

Rolf had glimpsed the girl during the battle with the Hermunduri the spring before, and Anomia had encouraged him to go back and get her.

Freyja was in the sacred woods gathering herbs, and Anomia, who could have done something to stop it, stood in her doorway, laughing and deriving obvious pleasure from seeing the men pounding one another.

The woman seemed unaware of the effect her kindness to the Hermunduri had had upon the villagers, but Anomia knew and writhed inwardly with jealousy.

Before she could take it, Anomia snatched it away and flung it into the fire.

She was sure it was the subtle implications of the gift that had caused Anomia to lose control so completely.

The scene with Anomia was still fresh in her mind, and she prayed for Helda and the unknown others who had gone to Theophilus in the night.

Even if the woman revealed Rolf now, Anomia doubted Atretes would forgive her.

As he did, he tried to remember what he had said, how much he had told Anomia that could be used against Rizpah.

Air Force itself, were suffering a mild form of anomia - the loss of the ability to name an object correctly - as evidenced by their failure to recognize such obviously common things as weather balloons, planets, comets, etc.