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n. (plural of bivalve English)

Usage examples of "bivalves".

Clamshells and other bivalves, traded for, along with salt, from people who visited or lived near the sea, were used for smaller dishes, scoops, and the smallest ones for spoons.

He was particularly struck by the similarity between certain bivalves and the female pudenda.

Most roofs sported a fringe of small dish antennae, like split bivalves, to receive and broadcast via satellite.

Those succulent bivalves may help us and the truffles of Perigord, tubers dislodged through mister omnivorous porker, were unsurpassed in cases of nervous debility or viragitis.

In response, bivalves had learned to bury themselves deep in sediment, or had evolved spines and massive shells to deter attackers.

But then, after succumbing to the temptation, he would not have been faced with a soup plate full of water enlivened with a few fragments of weary ice among which floated, half submerged, four immature bivalves which had long ago decided that the struggle for existence was not worth it.