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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anisette \An`i*sette"\, n. [F.] A French cordial or liqueur flavored with anise seeds.
--De Colange.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"liqueur flavored with aniseed," 1837, from French Anisette de Bordeaux, from diminutive of anis (see anise).


n. A French alcoholic liqueur flavored with anise


n. liquorice-flavored usually colorless sweet liqueur made from aniseed [syn: anisette de Bordeaux]


Anisette, or Anis, is an anise-flavored liqueur that is consumed in most Mediterranean countries, mainly in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, and France. It is colorless and, unlike some other anise-based liqueurs, contains no licorice. It is sweeter than most anise-flavoured liqueurs.

True anisette is produced by means of distilling aniseed. Pastis, a similar-tasting liqueur, is made by maceration, using a combination of aniseed and licorice.

The liqueur has a powerful flavour when drunk straight, and can even produce irritation to the throat if not taken slowly due to its high alcoholic content. In mixed drinks, however, it produces a sweet agreeable flavour. It is often mixed simply with water, where it produces a milky white consistency. That mixture is called in Spanish speaking countries "palomita". All the liqueur has to be dropped into very cold water at the same moment. Pouring it from a bottle even quickly does not produce the same result. A very white liquid denotes that a good anisette has been used. A "palomita" with just a drop of anisette can be drunk as a refreshing drink.

The sugar is added in as a syrup. Marie Brizard is a well-known producer of Bordeaux-style anisette. Anís del Mono is a Spanish brand. Sambuca is a drink of Italian origin that is similar to anise yet but with a slightly different distillation process s and higher sugar content. Pastis, commonly drunk in France, is flavored with both anise and liquorice.

Usage examples of "anisette".

Then he accepted another coffee with another anisette, and then another and another, even though he still had to make a few more calls.

He had drunk three glasses of anisette to each one drunk by his guest, and he paused only when he realized that they could no longer see each other, and he stood up to light the lamp.

The patio, idealized by anisette, floated at the bottom of an aquarium, and the cages covered with cloths looked like ghosts sleeping under the hot scent of new orange blossoms.

He always came home sober, not disturbing his daughter, despite the fact that he had his first anisette when he awoke and continued chewing the end of his unlit cigar and drinking at regular intervals throughout the day.

At last, when his caresses slid over her belly, she had enough anisette in her heart.

She thought about him until dawn, convinced at last of her love, and as the anisette left her in slow waves, she was invaded by the anguished fear that he was angry and would never return.

But she was wrong: despite the disappointment that each of them felt, despite his regret for his clumsiness and her remorse for the madness of the anisette, they were not apart for a moment in the days that followed.

During the day they played cards, ate until they were bursting, took gritty siestas that left them exhausted, and as soon as the sun was down the orchestra began to play, and they had anisette with salmon until they could eat and drink no more.

She drank so much anisette that she had to be helped up the stairs, and she suffered an attack of laughing until she cried, which alarmed everyone.

She had a headache scented with anisette, and her heart was stunned by the impression that Dr.

She was, however, lucid enough to realize that this was the result not of the anisette but of her imminent return.

He sipped his anisette, regretting that the proprietor had served it to him in such an ugly tumbler.

ALBERTINE JOHNSON I was sitting before my third or fourth jellybean, which is anisette, grain alcohol, a lit match, and small wet explosion in the brain.

The right armrest bears stains smelling of anisette, temporary storage spot for candy when the bone-handled phone demands answering.

Garelli was working the tortoni now, for dessert, and Rick had brought over a bottle of anisette to place on the table.