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n. (plural of ani English)


Anis is a masculine given name. The meaning of the name Anis is "companion", "genial" or "close friend". It may refer to:

Usage examples of "anis".

And you forget that it was Fathor who thought the Ertoi planetary defense mechanism might be adapted to shipborne armament.

Doplas, Anis Langio, Yngocelen, even the yeomen and women on duty, all crowded around to welcome the boy back.

And Thian identified the thinker of that remark as the pretty dark-haired astrogation officer, Anis Langio.

It would soon be back at the main Earth Naval Base, totally free of the gases that had destroyed all organisms.

That damned Operation Illuminate ought to have been a snap and it turned out to be a hang-over from the Spanish Inquisition.

Did anyone ever discover if Deneb had been probed by a Hiver mechanism?

Eri and Anis both looked queryingly at Rojer who held his arms wide, mimicking Anis' expression.

Suddenly mental fatigue vanished as the adrenalin of challenge swept through Rojer.

So once you explain the Ertoi defense mechanisms, I'm sure they can be put in place very quickly.

Dautrish, the botanist, added, "as the fact that there is no other even faintly felinoid species on this planet.

Dautrish, the colony's botanist, had already lovingly catalogued each new species.

Both Hrriss and Todd heard the lock mechanism whirr, and the bulb over the door lit up redly.

While the grid was convenient, having to use it frightened him: he preferred to be in control of the mechanisms used in travel.

The light reflected from the jewel vanished abruptly as soon as the Treaty Controller stepped inside the Assembly Hall.

Making a few deft adjustments to the controls, the operator stepped onto the platform and vanished.