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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anele \A*nele"\, v. t. [OE. anelien; an on + AS. ele oil, L. oleum. See Oil, Anoil.]

  1. To anoint.

  2. To give extreme unction to. [Obs.]
    --R. of Brunne.


vb. (context obsolete English) To anoint; to give extreme unction to a wound with oil.


v. administer an oil or ointment to ; often in a religious ceremony of blessing [syn: anoint, inunct, oil, embrocate]

Usage examples of "anele".

Clutching Anele, she abandoned her confusion and reached instead for the memory of her fall to this place.

Stone screams stunned the air as the platform on which Linden and Anele stood tilted outward.

Bearing Anele clasped at her neck, she became the center of a fire which emblazoned the sky.

If Anele desired her protection, he would wait for her when his distress receded.

Deliberately she stepped back, letting Anele go as her anger took another form.

Briefly her exhaustion became a blessing: she could sink into its depths and shut her ears to anything Anele might say.

But Anele continued ladling stew into his mouth until he had scraped the bowl empty.

 After a time, Anele wore out his inchoate sorrow and lapsed from weeping.

But they were half empty: Anele must have eaten again during the night.

To justify your captivity, they say only that Anele requires their care, and that you opposed them.

When she glanced away from Liand to check on Anele, she saw that the old man had begun to shiver.

For reasons of his own, Anele left the rear wall and crept forward on his hands and knees.

She meant to lift her head, look for Anele, but the muscles in her neck and shoulders refused to obey her.

Whenever the Despiser taunted her through Anele, he connected her, however tenuously, to her son.

Where Anele pointed, in a notch between slick stones at the lapping edge of the water, lay a roughly triangular patch of fine sand.