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adj. used of a single unit or thing; not two or more; "`ane' is Scottish" [syn: one, 1, i]


Āne is a large village in Ozolnieki Municipality, Latvia. The village is located on the Lielupe River approximately 38 km from the capital city of Riga and 7 km from city of Jelgava. It is known for the amount of clay that is dug up in local lakes. There is a brick factory, which was very prominent during the Soviet era; since the factory was privatised it still produces bricks albeit on a reduced scale. The town was very well known in the Soviet Union due to this. It is sometimes referred to by locals as "Sarkanais māls" literally meaning "Red clay".

Usage examples of "ane".

I hae a deer I gie them twa shots, ane for the deer and ane for mysell.

Border law, made at Dundrennan, in the days of the Black Douglas, Deil ane need doubt it.

Look round, my bairn, and see if there isna ane here mair than ye left this morning.

I can bring mysell to ask a favour of ane that winna sae muckle as ware a word on me, to tell me if he hears me speaking till him.

Thomas Crann and Jeames Dow and my mother--whiles ane and whiles anither--but ye was aye there.

Ye ken naething till ye ken God--the only ane a man can truly and railly ken!

This is the counsel of ane that wishes ye weel, you and that denty lass at your elbuck.

Squire Forster, gonnes in plenty, but almost nae poudre, nor ane left as can mix it.

Somebody tauld her lately that ane Bell Calvert robbed her house, but she disna believe it.

They have Carroll by the hands now, ane on the left, Emily on the right, sweetly urgent.

After the accident they went ever since they were five year I behind on playing in the gazebo at the bottom of the grassy hill ane with their heads to the Archer place, Kurt and Vivian and Z gether, laughing and colluding as if nothing bad had ever haping ever would.

It was a dangerous place to climb, for the ladder was auld and frail, and wanted ane or twa rounds.

I bear malice at but Westburnflat, and I hae gien him baith a het skin and a cauld ane.

Hallowein last bypast, at twelff houris at even or thairby, thow, the said Thomas Leyis, accompaneit with umquhil Janett Wischert, Isobel Coker, Isobel Monteithe, Kathren Mitchell, relict of umquhil Charles Dun, litster, sorceraris and witches, with ane gryt number of ither witches, cam to the mercat and fish cross of Aberdene, under the conduct and gyding of the dewill, present with you all in company, playing before you on his kynd of instruments.

I will not have an ane of them come peering through my door or speiring after money that I had made afore.