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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Crossette \Cros*sette"\ (kr?s-s?t`), n. [F., dim. of crosse. See Crosier.] (Arch.)

  1. A return in one of the corners of the architrave of a door or window; -- called also ancon, ear, elbow.

  2. The shoulder of a joggled keystone.


n. 1 (context obsolete English) The corner of a wall or rafter. 2 A console that appears to support a cornice. 3 (context anatomy English) The elbow. 4 (context anatomy English) The olecranon. 5 A sheep of a breed from Massachusetts with short crooked legs and long back.


The Asociación Nacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (ANCON) is a conservation group in Panama. They own and manage Punta Patiño. The acronym is a ode to Ancón Hill, the highest point in Panama City and reserve of urban jungle.

Punta Patiño is a on the List of Ramsar wetlands of international importance. The 65,025 acre preserve is owned by conservation group.


Ancón may refer to:


  • Ancon (archaeological site)
  • Ancón District, a district of Peru
  • Treaty of Ancón, signed by Peru and Chile on 20 October 1883


  • Ancón, Panama, a city in central Panama
  • Ancon Hill, a steep 654-foot hill which overlooks Panama City
  • ANCON a conservation group


  • Ancón, Guayas, a city in Guayas, Ecuador


  • Ancon, a United Kingdom company that manufactures steel products for the construction industry
  • , Panama Railroad Company steamship AND the first to officially transit the Panama Canal in 1914, serving 28 March—25 July 1919 as USS Ancon (Id. No. 1467), then returned to Panama Railroad service.

  • , a United States cargo and passenger ship that saw service in World War II

Ancon (archaeological site)

Ancon (archaeological site) is located in the north of the Bay of Ancon, in the Ancón District, on the central coast of Peru. It is one of the most important centers of the Peruvian archeology and features a vast necropolis of the pre-Hispanic era, with countless funerary sites. Permanent occupation in Ancon is documented throughout all periods of Andean history. The oldest evidence of human occupation dates back 10,000 years ago to the preceramic period.

Usage examples of "ancon".

It is a branch of that road, together with a branch of the one running to Ancon, that I am to connect with a tunnel.

He even slipped back over the line to San Cristobel and Ancon, found nothing of moment awaiting him there, and drifted back into Panamanian territory.

The Dictator sent Paul to the Hotel Americano, where fine quarters were prepared for him and he took a much needed rest, not waking until the next day when a message was conveyed to him from Don Nicholas to the effect that they were going to Ancon that day to try some torpedo experiments.

Whenever those aboard the cruisers wished amusement, they turned their guns on Ancon and knocked over a few houses.

All efforts to put the engine and car back on the track were fruitless, and a messenger was sent back to Ancon to telegraph to Lima for an extra engine to assist in righting the little train.

He was paroled, and went to Ancon, a village on the coast that had been deserted, and no Chilean guards had been placed there.

Paul seeing no hope of escape from Ancon, returned to Lima to consult with some American friends.

Public Law for the Defense of the Republic of Panama, you are hereby summoned and required to report to the Public Force Medical Facilities at Ancon Hill, Panama City, Republic of Panama for duty.

Very pleasing specimens of ancient Peruvian feather work are recovered from graves at Ancon and elsewhere, and the method of inserting the feathers is illustrated in the Sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology.

To the west rose the laval peak of Ancon Hill, sitting above the blend of modern and Spanish colonial buildings, above the busy new roads and the ancient maze of alleys and bazaars, above the living pot-pourri of Mestizos and Negroes, Chinese, Hindus and Europeans.