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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Amt \Amt\, n.; pl. Amter, E. Amts. [Dan. & Norw., fr. G.] An administrative territorial division in Denmark and Norway.

Each of the provinces [of Denmark] is divided into several amts, answering . . . to the English hundreds.
--Encyc. Brit.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

territorial division in Denmark and Norway, from Danish amt, from German Amt "office," from Old High German ambaht, of Celtic origin, related to Gallo-Roman ambactus "servant" (see ambassador).


n. (context transport English) #French — Agence métropolitaine de transport – the Metropolitan Transit Agency; the transit agency for the MMC

Amt (country subdivision)

Amt is a type of administrative division governing a group of municipalities, today only in Germany, but formerly also common in other countries of Northern Europe. Its size and functions differ by country and the term is roughly equivalent to a US township or county or English shire district.


AMT may refer to:

Usage examples of "amt".

Amt Five was the Criminal Police, and Amt Six the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Amt Three, Heydrich and Kaltenbrunner, were also the over-all chiefs of the whole RSHA, and throughout the reigns of both men the head of Amt One was their deputy.

The project involved was then being carried out under the auspices of the RSHA, Amt Six, Section F, in a workshop in Delbriickstrasse, Berlin.

Churchill was to be placed in the hands of Amt VI - Foreign Intelligence - but most were to be handed over to Amt IV - the Gestapo.

Verdienst steht nach, und fuehlt gebeuget Ein lohnend Amt dem Golde feil.

Dort sinnt, in banger Nacht, ein Sklav von fluechtgem Ruhm Von Amt auf Aemter hin.

Glueck sich herniedergelassen, da er aus dem Freibeutertum des Geistes in einige Rechtlichkeit und buergerliche Verbindung eingetreten war, Amt und Ehren trug, Weib und Kinder besass, nun war er erschoepft und fertig.

Elsenreith, formerly of the SS - Amt VI, to be exact, the department concerned with foreign intelligence under Schellenberg - and now working for new masters.

Germans, Amt V, the SD-Ausland, at an embassy function in Berlin when he was attache.

Schweiss, Im Joch des Amts bei reifen Jahren, Fuer andrer Wohl erschoepft, als unbrauchbarer Greis Hinunter in die Gruft zu fahren.

She wrapped her amts around him, more for his sake, he guessed, than because she was scared.

Sample contains small amts manganese, carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, and silicon, some nickel, zirconium, and tungsten with admixture chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium.

Responsibility for cryptanalysis and cryptography is distributed among a large number of small Amts and Diensts attached to various tendrils of this structure.