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vb. (en-past of: amp)


Amped may refer to:

  • Amped video games series:
    • Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding
    • Amped 2
    • Amped 3
  • Amped (116 Clique album)
  • Amped (Seven Witches album), 2005
  • Amped (Those Darn Accordions album), 2002
  • Amped (novel), 2012
Amped (Seven Witches album)

Amped is a 2005 album by Seven Witches, and the first to feature vocalist Alan Tecchio, bassist Kevin Bolembach, and drummer Jeff Curenton.

Amped is very different from any previous material Seven Witches released, with the album being darker, heavier, and more brutal. According to bandleader and guitarist Jack Frost, this is a more mature album, and not the "old metal" cliché like the previous albums.

Amped has mostly received poor reviews. Most of the fans didn't like the band's new sound and thought the production was too sloppy.

Amped (116 Clique album)

Amped is a remix/compilation album containing remixed tracks and new tracks. It is the third compilation album, second remix album, and first EP by the 116 Clique. It is a combination of rap and rock. It peaked at No. 24 on the Billboard Gospel albums chart.

Amped (novel)

Amped is a science fiction novel by American author Daniel H. Wilson published in June 2012.

Amped (Those Darn Accordions album)

Amped is an EP by American accordion band Those Darn Accordions, released on January 22, 2002 by Globe Records.

Recorded with only a five-member line-up, the smallest at that point of the band's history, Amped was a drastic stylistic departure from TDA's previous pop and polka-infused albums, featuring heavy amounts of distortion effects on their accordions to sound more like electric guitars and organs on what was the most overtly rock-oriented release in the band's discography.

Amped was the final TDA album to feature original member Patty Brady, who left the band in 2003.

Usage examples of "amped".

When they had mutely acknowledged their kinship with a smile - the Chechen country-crunk music filling the club was amped up to 11, and made talking impossible - the guy nodded to Cirri that she should go first.

And down the line is that insane malevolent grifter, Billy Watrous jr, in his firegreen Chevy S10 boombuggy lowrider amped to the max with the late rapper J.