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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
A & E
C & W
Compassion & Choices
p & p
▪ Please send 80p to cover p & p.
R & B
R & D
R & R
▪ He was enjoying a few hard-earned days of R and R.
S & L
S & M
▪ Vox bass amp, 50 watts, new combo, £50.
the V & A
▪ A motorcycle crash unplugged his amp in 1971, and a shattered Berry Oakley died in a similar accident a year later.
▪ As you move around the amp, your eye is drawn towards a mini-fan situated in the input side of the unit.
▪ Both materials were removed in a 550-torr helium arc discharge sustained by 28 V at 70 amps d.c.
▪ Conclusion On the good side, the Lakewood amp is crammed with features and it essentially sounds really good.
▪ The really serious financial decisions come when you look at power amp and speaker combinations.
▪ They're closer to the way the older Fenders sounded than any other amp.
▪ Vox bass amp, 50 watts, new combo, £50.
▪ Without that amp, I can't survive.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1886 as an abbreviation of ampere; 1967 as an abbreviation of amplifier.


init. adenosine monophosphate

  1. n. the basic unit of electric current adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites; "a typical household circuit carries 15 to 50 amps" [syn: ampere, A]

  2. a nucleotide found in muscle cells and important in metabolism; reversibly convertible to ADP and ATP [syn: adenosine monophosphate, adenylic acid]


Amp or AMP may refer to:

Amp (TV series)

Amp was a music video program on MTV that aired from 1996 to 2001. It was aimed at the electronic music and rave crowd and was responsible for exposing many electronica acts to the mainstream. When co-creator Todd Mueller (who had worked on this with V. Owen Bush and Amy Finnerty) left the show in 1998, it was redubbed Amp 2.0. The show aired some 46 episodes in total over its 6-year run. In its final two years, reruns were usually shown from earlier years. Amp's time slot was moved around quite a bit, but the show usually aired in the early morning hours on the weekend, usually 2am to 4am. Because of this late night time slot, the show developed a small but cult like following. A few online groups formed after the show's demise to ask MTV to bring the show back and air it during normal hours, but MTV never responded to the requests.

Amp (band)

Amp is an electronic space rock band formed in London by Richard F. Walker (also known as Richard Amp) in 1992, after collaborating with David Pearce ( Flying Saucer Attack) on The Secret Garden and the Distance projects. Amp recorded the audio cassette/ short storyGreen Sky Blue Tree with Ray Dickaty (subsequently a member of Moonshake and Spiritualized, amongst others), while Walker was studying at the Royal College of Art in 1992. After a two year break, Amp resurfaced with French vocalist Karine Charff, Bristol experimentalists Matt Elliott (Flying Saucer Attack and later The Third Eye Foundation) and Matt Jones (Crescent) on board. MC Strong in 'The Great Indie Discography' described Amp as: "Occupying musical territory somewhere between shoegazing and the Bristol 'Trip Hop' sound, AMP had created a work of sweeping soundscapes, echoing ambience and waves of feedback."

Jones and Elliott left to pursue their own projects by 1997. Since then, Amp has centered around Charff and Walker plus a succession of collaborators, including:

  • Guy Cooper and Gareth Mitchell of The Secret Garden, who worked with Amp on Astralmoonbeamprojections (1997)
  • Robert Hampson ( Loop/ Main), who worked as producer on Stenorette (1998)
  • Olivier Gauthier, on Stenorette and L'Amour Invisible (2001)
  • Jan Zert, on L'Amour Invisible (2001)
  • Marc Challans on US (2005)
  • Ray Dickaty, on Green Sky Blue Tree (1992), US (2005), Transmissions (Phase 1) (2005), All Of Yesterday Tomorrow (2007)
  • Donald Ross Skinner (a collaborator of Julian Cope and former member of Baba Looey), on US (2005), Motus (2008), Oetinger Villa (2009), Outposts (2011)

Richard has also released solo records, as Richard Amp and Amp Studio.

Some review quotes for 'All Of Yesterday Tomorrow'

“For many, this writer included, the loose collective that birthed Flying Saucer Attack, Crescent, Third Eye Foundation, Movietone and Amp offered a window onto a new world of possibilities informed by a quietly confident reimagining of rock history... As this excellent three disc collection of rarities illustrates, the music instigated by Richard F Walker under the guise of Amp epitomises this movement's preoccupations and preferences.” “Little of the material here sounds dated, and what does is affectingly so, like a faded childhood photograph or a half-remembered TV theme. For the most part, Amp's cavernous drones and unanchored plaints are disarmingly present in their refreshing lack of affectation or calculation. It's a pleasure to make their acquaintance once again.”

--Joseph Stannard– The Wire

“A mind-expanding 3 CD set... the music does just what its creator intended.” “Some of the tracks featuring vocalist Karine Charff err towards conventional song structures while the looped and treated field recordings of 'Wild Wine Gaze' churn away like a vast weather system. 'When You Have Love' is quintessential Amp, with Satie-like piano ceding to a billowing blur of electronics and unrecognisable sounds, flecked with fragments of melody.”

  Mike Barnes– Mojo

“This triple CD survey of Amp's work from 1992 to the present is especially valuable.” “Richard Amp started out at the tail end of the UK shoegazing movement but heard in sequence like this, his music distils the scene's most appealing elements. It's surprisingly diverse: from the brooding isolationism of 'Lutin' to the Portishead-style trip hop of the recent 'Fine Day', whose elegiac mood recalls late-period TalkTalk.”

--Rob Young– Uncut

“The dreamy strum, fuzz, and warble of 'Melatonin Red' have an evaporating gorgeous quality... In terms of glorious distortion, clanging atmospherics, and complementing vocals, 'Beyond', from 1997, is hard to beat. In an ideal world it would have been a chart-busting smash! My favorite item here, 'Moon Tree', is majestic and mournful, with intense shimmering waves of guitar coupled with effects and feedback codes. It is six minutes of total bliss.” “'All Of Yesterday Tomorrow' is an undoubted treat... Naturally, the collection looks back, but I suspect that future listeners will also look kindly upon Amp.”

--Duncan Edwards– Brainwashed

“Amp produce exquisitely spaced-out, cataclysmic dreampop that can only be listened to lying down... Their immobile hymns to emotional unrest are created from base elements of distortion, organic instruments, a cacophany of natural found sounds, Charff's zonked-out Nico drawl, and occasional electronic and folky flourishes.” “Three and half blissful hours of dark, drifting music that introduces itself quietly, settles down and waits for you to zone out into semi-consciousness before overpowering you with its beauty, a wondrous feat of stealth and magic.”

--Robin Wilks– Plan B

“I was quite stunned at the amount of utterly beautiful music on offer here... It is entrancing and almost calming, launching a quiet intensity which is impossible to ignore.” “I haven't been very familiar with Amp's earlier output but on the strength of this simply stunning compilation I think I need to remedy that immediately. This is just perfectly formed drone rock music, with leanings towards so many other fractured genres it would be impossible to list them all... Gorgeous.”

– Boomkat

“Now this is a treat... Comes with excellent sleeve notes, a detailed booklet, plush packaging and 38 lovingly complied tracks. A treat for those who already know Amp and an even bigger treat for those who have yet to discover their beauty.” “Has there ever been a musical experience more soothing and calming than Amp? An aural massage, floatation for your ears and glowing musical colour that washes over in such a rewarding relaxing challenging way. The space where music and sound meet, instrumental, choral, minimal, uplifting positive drones and textures, always always uplifting, always bright, always welcoming, expressive melodies, hints of lyrics, sound in beautiful harnessed harmony, truly magical and rather gloriously unique. A highly recommended treasure box of Amp goodies.”

– Organ Magazine

“Dreamily seductive yet fiercely belligerent... A perfect introduction to a strange but curiously alluring musical landscape.”

--Neil Gardner– Rock Sound

Amp (comics)
  1. Redirect List of Marvel Comics characters: A#Amp

Category:Comics characters introduced in 2008

Usage examples of "amp".

His real mission, of course, is to convince some other band, somewhere else, that he is a genius acoustician who has developed the ultimate amplifier and that Doggone amps are the only amps that any hip band can possibly consider.

A reductase activity by insulin, glucagon, cyclic AMP and hydrocortisone.

Ommni clips our peaks, attenuates the lows, reverbs and amps the total sound.

Joey had rigged the most humongous speakers they could find, powered by the largest amp on the market.

That it was in the milliamp range, rather than the five hundred amps required by the engines, became moot.

He had tested with a milliampere of ion current, cursed, readjusted, tested again, nodded, asked for a full amp, made obscene comments, readjusted, retested, and wondered if he could have done it without Ryerson.

If she could have smashed the peace of that room with the sound of an overdriven amp, she would have done it gladly.

A time display flashed in the bottom right corner of the photon amp image, spectral yellow digits: 21:17:08.

Suzi ducked into the darker oval of an open hatch, fumbling her photon amp into place as she went.

The photon amp showed a monster crab scuttling right at him, metre length of pipe instead of claw.

A tube of impenetrably black air, which even the photon amp had difficulty discerning.

Greg squirrelled away his profile: leather trousers tucked into calf-high lace-up boots, last-century camouflage jacket, blind plastic band of a photon amp clinging to his face, designer stubble, small pony tail.

It was still basically a Flux area and anything done to it now would simply be negated by his people when the big amps arrived.

Haller received the first of four big amps the remote computers with which he and his team could work their magic.

Interestingly, the pair going down the east side and also had experiences with the grid, but they had less hours, overall, on the big amps than either he or Connie, and maybe they were less emotional, but nothing major happened to them.