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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

a. (context chemistry English) Relating to an amine. n. (context chemistry English) The amine functional group.


adj. pertaining to or containing any of a group of organic compounds of nitrogen derived from ammonia [syn: aminic]


n. the radical -NH2 [syn: amino group]


Usage examples of "amino".

Tell him that it was based on the levo and dextro probability in amino acids and tell him to have a qualified exobiologist carry on from there.

They can take a chaotic soup of free aminos and arrange them, from out of a staggering number of linear permutations, into a sequence that gives them enzymatic sense.

A simple lookup table, one or more triplets of nucleotides to each amino acid, is universal for all life.

Another spot on this bilinguist holds the amino acid called for in the lookup table.

Technically, Winston was not a true clone, but a monstrous child teased together with micropipettes and glass bell jars and a customized mix of amino acids.

With waves and tides and hot rocks and solar evaporation to concentrate the amino acids and proteinoids found in the seas and to turn them into the precursors of life, with lightning and heat and radiation and ultraviolet light to turn simple molecules into more complex ones, with the physics and chemistry of the universe itself to produce the necessary elements and simple compounds in appropriate amounts, it may even be said that life on Earth was inevitable, that it had to appear as soon as a microsphere was formed with just the right bit of nucleic acid within itself.

Experiments showing that the effects of protein synthesis inhibitors on memory could be mimicked by injecting large quantities of some of their constituent amino acids were made by one of my earliest graduate students, John Hambley, on his return to Australia: Hambley, J, and Rogers, L J Some neurochemical correlates of permanent learning deficits associated with intracerebral injections of amino acids in young chick brain.

He needed a nonhistone fraction whose amino acid sequence would bridge the gap between plant and animal species.

She made endless computer simulations, to prove that it was possible to construct functional proteins organized by simple, nonspecific domains of polar and nonpolar amino acids.

She made endless computer simulations to prove that it was possible to construct functional proteins organized by simple, nonspecific domains of polar and nonpolar amino acids.

The job involved using synthetic oligonucleotide probes to trace amino acid sequences of proteins, and Bram was able to sneak in a few side searches of his own.

Power Bars, Cytomax, branched-chain aminos, chromium picolinate, electrolytes, the works.

This enzyme then reacts with amino acids of the onion and the amino acids are converted to sulfenic acids.

The thyroxine molecules are then united with other, more common amino acids and stored as the large thyroglobulin molecule.

After a bit more argument, he agreed to go out into the forest and try to hunt down some of these carbohydrates and amino acids.