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Amin is a male given name.

Amin may also refer to:

  • Amin, Iran, a village in Sarayan County, South Khorasan Province
  • "Amin" (song), a song by Anna Vissi
  • Amin, an arbitrator who assessed and collected revenue in the Parganas
  • " Amin amin ya Rabaljalil", the anthem for Perlis, a state in Malaysia
  • AMIN, short name for Anak Mindanao, a political party in the Philippines
  • AMIN Worldwide, an alliance of independently owned advertising agencies
Amin (name)

Amin (in Arabic أمين) is a male Arabic, Persian and Indian given name that means "faithful, trustworthy". Alternatives include Amine, Ameen and Amien.

The Islamic prophet Muhammad, was called al-Amin in his youth

The female equivalent of Amin is Amina, Aminah or Ameena.

Amin (song)

"Amin" ( Greek: Αμήν; ) is a rare single released by Greek pop singer Anna Vissi in 1995. The single featured "Amin" which later appeared on the repackaged edition of her popular album Re!, as well as the track "Eleni", which Anna Vissi dedicated to her fan Eleni Karkanta. Music and lyrics for both tracks are by Nikos Karvelas.

Amin (Qing dynasty)

Amin ( Manchu: ; , 1585- Dec. 28, 1640) was a Manchu noble and an important military and political leader in the early years of the Qing dynasty.

Usage examples of "amin".

When Amin came up off the full double hit, being with Alani was just going to piss him off.

Field Marshal Professor President Doctor Idi Amin Dadaist, spreading his legs.

There Abu Nuwas afterwards became celebrated as one of the chief bards at the court of the Khalif, and his most famous Kasida is that which he composed in praise of Amin, the son of Harun-ar-Rashid.

The Lebanese government of President Amin Gemayel splinters after Shiite Muslims and Druse in West Beirut launch a revolt against the Lebanese army.

Now Lieutenant General Jaafar Ali Amin looked up from the long list of monthly intelligence expenses, amazement wrinkling his face and blanching a long white scar that ran down his left cheek.

Twenty minutes later, as the fingers drummed on a table surrounded by sheepish men and one man furious to the limits of his tether, General All Amin returned with a fat file folder in his hands and a confident smile on his face.

Jaurin was surprised to see General Ali Amin return to the waiting room, anxious and flustered.

General Ali Amin stood slightly more erect, trying in some way to cadge some of the glory of the fallen dead.

It was only after Remo had vanished into the crowd that General All Amin realized he soon would have a matching pair of scars.

A national period of mourning has been proclaimed by Lieutenant General Jaafar Ali Amin, who has assumed leadership of the government.

Ali Amin has blamed the Zionist imperialist American-financed swine for the murder of Colonel Baraka.

While Remo was explaining to General Ali Amin what he was going to do, a message was left for him at his hotel room.

All Amin has just concluded his address to the Lobynian people from the balcony of the palace.

They gathered in the throne room in their finest dress uniforms, the 78 senior officers whom Amin Rashid XIV, absolute monarch of Alpha Bednari IV, had chosen to carry his colors into holy battle against the infidels of the Plantagenet system.

A few minutes later Arab Chagalla raised the flagship on his communicator, and asked to speak to Amin Rashid.