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Amer (river)

The Amer is a river in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. It is a continuation of the Bergse Maas river from the river Donge near Raamsdonksveer to the point where it joins the river Nieuwe Merwede to form the Hollands Diep estuary, and has a total length of approximately . The Amer is a major navigation route. It forms the south boundary of the Biesbosch National Park.

The river is also known because the Amercentrale, one of the biggest power plants in the Netherlands, is located on its bank. As a result, ships transporting coal for the plant use the eastern part of the river, mainly coming from the Wilhelminakanaal.

Image:Biesbosch 20050928 40011.JPG|Amer in foreground

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Amer (film)

Amer is a 2009 Belgian-French thriller horror film written and directed by French directors Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani. The film is a giallo in three parts. The plot of the film follows the sexual development of Ana who lives on the French Riviera. The film focuses on her oppressive teenage years leading to her womanhood. The film premiered in Sweden in 2009. It has received generally favorable reviews and was nominated for the Magritte Award for Best Film.

Usage examples of "amer".

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But she could not foresee that Amer Picon, the great Amer Picon, would investigate!

No rope in the world can convict him, he thinks, not having foreseen the intervention of Amer Picon.

And he, the poor fool, who does not know Amer Picon, tells me of the flag that was at half-mast.

Amer deplored, in pathetic strains, the apostasy and damnation of a son, who had renounced the promises of God, and the intercession of the prophet, to occupy, with the priests and deacons, the lowest mansions of hell.

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Amer onimpritonma, miedm gloff r akih a neandat Nevwnleayssevineein cdteieoc.

Gray, The Founding of Aelia Capitolina and the Chronology of the Jewish War under Hadrian, and New Light from Egypt on the Early Reign of Hadrian, Amer. Journ.