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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Measures to ameliorate working conditions have had little effect.
▪ At the same time we had to cut our costs and reduce the numbers to at least ameliorate the losses.
▪ Confidence was increasing that men, through foresight and effective action, could ameliorate their existence and even prolong their lives.
▪ Correction of the acidemia will often ameliorate this problem.
▪ Even a decision to paint one of them a garish blue has failed to ameliorate the effect.
▪ Government has assumed the responsibility for ameliorating income inequality in our society.
▪ In a warm room the nose discharges and fills up which ameliorates the headache; a thick, fluent, yellow discharge.
▪ Older women in the developed countries suffered unnecessarily from diseases that could have been ameliorated, cured, or even prevented.
▪ Such policies either ameliorate the worst conditions that might provoke violence or provide certain classes with advantages over classes below them.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ameliorate \A*mel"io*rate\, v. i. To grow better; to meliorate; as, wine ameliorates by age.


Ameliorate \A*mel"io*rate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Ameliorated; p. pr. & vb. n. Ameliorating.] [L. ad + meliorare to make better: cf. F. am['e]liorer. See Meliorate.] To make better; to improve; to meliorate.

In every human being there is a wish to ameliorate his own condition.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1728, perhaps a back-formation from amelioration on pattern of French améliorer. The simpler form meliorate was used in Middle English. Related: Ameliorated; ameliorating.


vb. (context transitive English) To make better, to improve.

  1. v. to make better; "The editor improved the manuscript with his changes" [syn: better, improve, amend, meliorate] [ant: worsen]

  2. get better; "The weather improved toward evening" [syn: better, improve, meliorate] [ant: worsen]

Usage examples of "ameliorate".

The Federal government has done much to ameliorate the condition of the American people, whereas the state governments have done little or nothing.

Perhaps when it escapes, we can intercept it and try to ameliorate the bad food before it becomes too negative.

It is a cheering thought throughout life that something can be done to ameliorate the condition of those who have been subject to the hard usages of the world.

It is a cheering thought throughout life, that something can be done to ameliorate the condition of those who have been subject to the hard usages of the World.

Those several assistances, the infirmarian had said, would ameliorate and shorten the seizure.

She is more than willing to share the discomforts of Ravenna while I strive to ameliorate them.

Italy, and are desirous of doing everything which can properly be done by them with a view to ameliorate the condition of the Italian people.

With intensified specific training they could ameliorate this liability, making it a fair contest.

His simple idea was that the Marxists should support the workers in efforts to unionize and to ameliorate their conditions.

Order of Knighthood has been endeavoring to ameliorate and elevate the condition of womankind.

He pointed out that the growth of trade unions and democracy had vitiated the raw power of capitalists and had ameliorated capitalism.

The national interest is merely a more coherent and ameliorating expression of the popular interest.

This assembly represented the necessity of ameliorating the existing laws regarding vagrancy, the relation between master and servant, the state of the militia, and the electoral qualification.

He did not seem to grasp that these were only symptoms, nor did he have much success at ameliorating them.

My job, as I saw it, was not just to shore up reading, writing, or arithmeticskills, nor to ameliorate dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia, but to try to help children become successful in their place of work -- school -- and to improve the quality of their lives.