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n. (plural of amble English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: amble)

Usage examples of "ambles".

Dorrin scrambles up the rope ladder that has clearly been added by the salvage crew.

Dorrin adjusts his pack and scrambles to follow the two taller exiles as they stride away up the uneven pavement.

The Veery Brothers, professional effigy makers, run an establishment south of the Shambles at Second and Market Streets, by the Court House.

Neither has slept well for a Fortnight, amid the house-rocking Ponderosities of commercial Drayage, the Barrels and Sledges rumbling at all Hours over the paving-Stones, the Town on a-hammering and brick-laying itself together about them, the street-sellers' cries, the unforeseen coalescences of Sailors and Citizens anywhere in the neighboring night to sing Liberty and wreak Mischief, hoofbeats in large numbers passing beneath the Window, the cries of Beasts from the city Shambles, Philadelphia in the Dark, in an all-night Din Residents may have got accustom'd to, but which seems to the Astronomers, not yet detach'd from the liquid, dutiful lurches of the Packet thro' th' October seas, the very Mill of Hell.

Later, across Susquehanna, there come days when the only Inns are worse than no Inn, and presently days when there are no Inns at all, and at last the night they encamp knowing that for an unforeseeable stretch of Nights, they must belong to this great Swell of Forested Mountains, this place of ancient Revenge, and Beasts outside the Fire-light, the sun this particular evening as if in celestial Seal, spreading into a Glory, transgressing all Metes and Bounds, filling the Trees, lighting the Animals, their flanks averted, wash'd in its oncoming Flow, bringing to human faces a precision approaching purification, goading each soul, as if again and again, ever toward the Shambles of Eternity.

Edil scrambles for the nearest pillow, nearly throwing himself into place beside Kadara.

As the man sees Gelisel's black tunic, he scrambles to attention, waiting as the four travelers approach.

The youth, taller than Dorrin had realized, scrambles to his feet with a short blade glinting.

Dorrin scrambles into his pouch and finds a copper, carefully tossing it to her.

Dorrin follows the smith off the covered porch and down the steps, stopping by the spice garden while the smith ambles toward the barn, and the bay he will ride to Honsard's wagonry.

While Frisa scrambles with the barrel and bucket in the dimness of the stable, Dorrin loosens Meriwhen's saddle and racks it.

His hands rip at his clothes, then he turns and shambles from the stable scratching his neck, and pulling at his garments.

As the Spidlarian officer watches, a man ducks and scrambles down a ditch beside the stone-paved road, squirming through the mud, out of sight of the Gallosian lancers flanking the plodding peasants.

Neither Liedral nor Dorrin has to do more, as the entire group of refugees scrambles out of the road.

Dorrin nods, and Tyrel scrambles for the helm, frantically turning the ship more to sea.