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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Amble \Am"ble\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Ambled; p. pr. & vb. n. Ambling.] [F. ambler to amble, fr. L. ambulare to walk, in LL., to amble, perh. fr. amb-, ambi-, and a root meaning to go: cf. Gr. ? to go, E. base. Cf. Ambulate.]

  1. To go at the easy gait called an amble; -- applied to the horse or to its rider.

  2. To move somewhat like an ambling horse; to go easily or without hard shocks.

    The skipping king, he ambled up and down.

    Sir, your wit ambles well; it goes easily.


vb. (en-past of: amble)

Usage examples of "ambled".

She scrambled up over the debris, the sun bright against her face, but before she reached the top somebody appeared to block the way: a long-haired young man, dressed in T-shirt and jeans, with the greenest eyes she’d ever seen.

With the kitchen cupboards empty she ambled up to the cafe below the Health Club on Santa Monica, which had been open since five for the benefit of masochists, and bought coffee, fruits, and bran muffins for herself and her guest.

Harry ambled around it twice, studying it as discreetly as possible, in case he was being watched from inside.

I did a scrambled U-turn and flew up them, my little legs pumping away like piston-rods.

I padded after her into her front-room and scrambled up on to the musty old settee as she sank into it with a groan.

I waited until the man was well inside the shop, scrambled up into the van (no easy task for a pup) and fussily sniffed my way along the delicious racks of confectionery.

Rumbo leapt from the table, slid on a slippery patch on the floor, lost the duckling, scrambled to retrieve it, yelped as the hot soup-ladle thrown by the chef skimmed across his back, grabbed the duckling again by the parson's nose end, and scurried for the exit.

A stout wooden stick cracked across his nose and Rumbo staggered away from the sprawling policeman who immediately scrambled to his feet and joined in the chase after the Guvnor again.

He scrambled up higher on to the roof of the car, then on to the bonnet of the car on top.

I scrambled through a hedge running alongside the road, ignoring the scratchy protest of the thorny hawthorn and prickly dogrose.

He stopped, looked up at me, then ambled on at the same pace, ignoring me totally.

I raced back across the field, scrambled through the hedge, and set off down the road again.

I went over her flowerbeds, scrambled through bushes and undergrowth and burst into the open fields beyond, a terrifying image of Miss Birdie in her long white nightdress chasing after me and brandishing the wicked carving knife keeping me going for quite some distance.

The welcoming fields rushed forward to meet me and I scrambled under a fence and was into them, my tail on fire.

I got out of the car, stretched, ambled up and down a bit, got back in, and yawned.