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n. A tangy mango pickle used as a condiment in the Middle East.


Amba or AMBA may refer to:

Amba (condiment)

Amba (, ) is a tangy mango pickle condiment popular in Middle Eastern cuisine (particularly Iraqi, Indian and Israeli cuisines). Its name derives from the Sanskrit for mango.

It is typically made of mangoes, vinegar, salt, mustard, turmeric, chili and fenugreek, similarly to savoury mango chutneys.

The name "amba" seems to have been derived from the Sanskrit word "amra", and the mango is a native of India.

Amba is frequently used in Iraqi cuisine, especially as a spicy sauce to be added to fish dishes, falafel, kubbah, kebabs, and eggs.

Amba is popular in Israel, where it was introduced by Iraqi Jews in the 1950s and 1960s. It is often served as a dressing on sabikh and as an optional topping on falafel, meorav yerushalmi, kebab, salads and shawarma sandwiches.

Similarly, Assyrians typically use amba along with falafel, too.

Amba is similar to the South Asian pickle achar. The principal differences are that amba has large pieces of mango rather than small cubes, and that achar also contains oil.

Amba (geology)

An amba ( āmbā, imbā) is a characteristic geologic form in Ethiopia. It is a steep-sided, flat-topped mountain, often the site of villages, wells and their surrounding farmland. These settlements were located there because they were very defensible and often virtually inaccessible plateaus.

The original term in Amharic indicates a mountain fortress. Amba Geshen, for example, is a historically significant amba where members of royal families were kept under guard for their safety and to prevent their participation in plots against the sitting emperor. Other noted Ambas include Amba Aradam and Amba Alagi, sites of famous battles during the first and second Italo-Abyssinian Wars. In Tigrinya, the term is "Emba" (also spelled "Imba").

In 2008, a scientific mission identified on an amba near Harar, the Kondudo, one of just two feral horse populations in Africa.

Amba (film)

Amba is a 1990 Indian Bollywood film produced and directed by Mohan Kumar. It stars Anil Kapoor and Meenakshi Seshadri.

Amba (Mahabharata)

In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Amba is the eldest daughter of the king of Kashi, who considers the Kuru prince Bhishma responsible for her misfortune and her sole goal in life becomes his destruction, to fulfill which she is reborn as Shikandini (the daughter of Drupada and the sister of Draupadi).

Usage examples of "amba".

I do not know why I was spared, since I drank from the polluted river as much as Amba and the rest.

My sorrow was particularly great because Amba was eight months pregnant at the time.

I had been with Amba when she died and sat beside her body for a long time afterward, and not once, even faintly, had she drawn in a breath.

Yet the dream I just had, of Amba and Rama and Yaksha, of the beginning, is the one I find the most painful.

At this point of our conversation an amba entered the room and made certain signs which my host immediately understood.

I was glad therefore on her account, even more than on my own, when, a scratch at the door having obtained admission for an amba, it placed before me a message from Esmo requesting a private conference.

Eveena had the keys of all my cases and of the medicine-chest, and I could not make up my mind to reclaim them by a simple unexplained message sent by an amba, or, still worse, by the hands of Enva or Eive.

I sent an amba to summon Davilo, gathered the garments that Eveena had thrown off, and removed them to the death-chamber.

Sosteniendo la víscera, que aún latía, sobre la deslumbrante joya, la apretó con ambas manos y un río de sangre cayó sobre la piedra.

Prosperaba comerciando con ambas partes, puesto que vivía en el barrio lindante con el distrito llamado el Laberinto, una maraña de callejuelas tortuosas llenas de lodo con sórdidos tugurios frecuentados por los ladrones más osados del reino.