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Amani may refer to:

Amani (musician)

Cecilia Wairimu (born 28 November 1980), better known by her stage name Amani, is a Kenyan pop, R&B singer-songwriter. Her contributions to the Kenyan music industry have earned her several coveted accolades, including the Best Female category at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards, Pearl of Africa Music Awards, Kisima Awards and Chaguo La Teeniez Awards. She released her debut album in 2006.

Amani (dancer)

Angel Nabil Ayoub (born June 5, 1970 in Hamat, Lebanon), known by her stage name Amani , is a well-known Lebanese dancer, choreographer, teacher, and actress.

Usage examples of "amani".

His mother, Amani, was an Outsider who originally heralded from the country of Saudi Arabia.

In the first year of her marriage, Amani had run from Eemil several times, only to be recaptured by him in mere hours.

About an hour after opening the clinic for the day, Amani, the mother of the only child among her patients, offered her services in a quiet voice.

Zinsa made a mental note to offer Amani a position when she reopened the clinic, knowing the woman had no other source of income.

By the time Amani had carried her to the clinic the next day, a serious infection had set in, requiring massive doses of IV antibiotics and constant care.

Hasina was being treated, Amani had found little time to worry about the future, but Zinsa knew it weighed heavily on her and hoped the offer of employment would ease her mind a bit.

A deep gash across his cheek wept blood, and she gestured him forward as Amani lifted the boy from the table and passed him to his anxious mother.

His eyes dismissed him and the older women, but sparked with interest when lighting on Amani, who had curled onto the bed beside her daughter, holding her close.

Upon witnessing that, Hasina began wailing loudly, while the old women shouted at the men to release Amani and Zinsa.

The only motion she managed was to crane her neck to see Amani and the patients.

No one knows that better than Amani Toomer, an all-star wide receiver for the New York Giants.