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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see Alp.


n. (plural of alp English)


ALPS may refer to:

  • A Language for Process Specification
  • Airport Logistics Park Singapore
  • Alps Electric, a multinational corporation based in Japan
  • Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome
  • ALPS, Advanced Liquid Processing System made by TOSHIBA for contaminated water
  • Advanced Level Performance systems (Alps)
  • Application-Level Profile Semantics (ALPS) data format
Alps (disambiguation)

The Alps are a major European mountain range.

Alps may also refer to:

  • Apuan Alps, in Italy
  • Arrochar Alps, in Scotland
  • Australian Alps, in Australia
  • Bavarian Alps, in Bavaria, Germany
  • Dinaric Alps, in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania
  • Eastern Alps, in Europe
  • Issaquah Alps, in Washington, United States
  • Japanese Alps, in Japan
  • Julian Alps, in Italy and Slovenia
  • Lyngen Alps, in Norway
  • Montes Alpes, on the Moon
  • Northern Limestone Alps, in Europe
  • Pontic Alps, in Turkey
  • Princess Caroline-Mathilde Alps, in Greenland
  • Princess Elizabeth Alps, in Greenland
  • Schweizerland Alps, in Greenland
  • Southern Alps (Europe), in Europe
  • Southern Alps (New Zealand), in New Zealand
  • Southern Limestone Alps, in Europe
  • Stauning Alps, in Greenland
  • Transylvanian Alps, in Romania
  • Trinity Alps, in California, United States
  • Western Alps, in Europe
  • Yeongnam Alps, in South Korea
Alps (film)

Alps (, translit. Alpeis) is a 2011 Greek drama film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. It stars Aggeliki Papoulia and Ariane Labed, and was co-written by Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippou. It premiered in competition at the 68th Venice International Film Festival where it won Osella for Best Screenplay. It also won the Official Competition Prize for New Directions in Cinema at the Sydney Film Festival in 2012.

Usage examples of "alps".

Quinctilis the Cimbri were massed at the foot of the western Alps, spread across a plain called the Campi Raudii, not far from the small town of Vercellae.

The Gauls had poured down in teeming hordes from the western Alps, spreading across the huge valley of the Padus River in the far north, gradually working their way down peninsular Italy on both east and west.

So the Allobroges retreated into the towering foothills of their beloved Alps, and concentrated upon harrying the Germans as much as they could.

So rapid had his crossing of the Alps been that the Vocontii, always on the lookout for vulnerable Roman travelers on the Via Domitia, were unable to organize an attack on the two galloping gigs.

They seem to have precious little interest in discovering how our minds work, so how are they going to know that the quickest and shortest way to Rome is not along the coast, but over the Alps into Italian Gaul?

Until that dreary interminable journey along the Via Aemilia Scauri and through the Maritime Alps, he had thoroughly enjoyed his military career, finding it full of action and challenge, be it the action and challenge of battle or of carving out a new Africa.

So, armed with a bulky packet of letters from Marius to various people in Rome, Saturninus set off toward the Alps in a fast gig drawn by four mules, and with a purse large enough to make sure he could hire animals along the way as good as the four which started him on his journey.

Italian Gaul over the Carnic Alps, which will put them at Tergeste, with Aquileia not far away.

Teutobod comes earliest, that we beat Teutobod, cross the Alps in a tearing hurry, and join up with Catulus Caesar before Boiorix reaches Lake Benacus.

Germans back across the Alps before an early snow makes that impossible.

Here three mighty alps reared up, three jagged broken fangs which had given the area its name of Three Teeth.

Aquae Sextiae, Caesar made a hurried trip across the Alps bearing dispatches for Rome, and his brief visit resulted in a second pregnancy for Aurelia, who bore a second girl the following February, again in her own home, again attended by no one save the local midwife and Cardixa.

Celtic tribes which occupied the lands south of Lake Lemanna between the crest of the western Alps and the river Rhodanus, as far south as the river Isara.

These mountains are generally called the Julian Alps, the name Carnic Alps being reserved for the mountains of the modern Austrian Tyrol.

However, I can find no evidence to suggest that some member of the family Julius of earlier date than Gaius Julius Caesar the Dictator had a mountain range named after himself, and so must assume that prior to Gaius Julius Caesar the Dictator, the Julian Alps were known by some other name.