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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Alp \Alp\, n. [L. Alpes the Alps, said to be of Celtic origin; cf. Gael. alp a high mountain, Ir. ailp any huge mass or lump: cf. F. Alpes.]

  1. A very high mountain. Specifically, in the plural, the highest chain of mountains in Europe, containing the lofty mountains of Switzerland, etc.

    Nor breath of vernal air from snowy alp.

    Hills peep o'er hills, and alps on alps arise.

  2. Fig.: Something lofty, or massive, or very hard to be surmounted.

    Note: The plural form Alps is sometimes used as a singular. ``The Alps doth spit.''


Alp \Alp\, n. A bullfinch.
--Rom. of R.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "any high, snow-capped mountain," from Alps, from French Alpes, from Latin Alpes "the Alps," perhaps from altus "high," or albus "white" or from a Celtic word (according to Servius), or a pre-Indo-European root. Alps, the European mountain range, attested by that name in English from 1550s.


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n. any high mountain


ALP or AlP may refer to:

ALP (automobile)

The ALP was a Belgian automobile built in 1920 by Automobiles Leroux-Pisart of Brussels. It was a 2121cc light car designed by the former chief engineer of Métallurgique.

Alp (folklore)

An alp is a nightmare creature originating in German folklore.

Not to be confused with the similarly named Alp-luachra, the alp is sometimes likened to a vampire, but its behavior is more akin to that of the incubus. It is distinct from both of these creatures in that it wears a magic hat called a Tarnkappe, from which it draws its powers. The word "alp" is a variation on the word " elf". It is also known by the following names: trud, mar, mart, mahr, schrat, and walrider. Many variations of the creature exist in surrounding European areas, such as the Druden and Schratteli, or Old Hag in English-speaking countries.

Alp (name)





Related Names:

Alp is a common masculine Turkish given name. In Turkish, "Alp" means "Stouthearted", "Brave", "Chivalrous", "Daredevil", "Valorous", and/or "Gallant".

  • Alp Arslan, Sultan of the Seljuk Turks.
  • Alp Ikizler, American nephrologist.
  • Alp Haydar, British actor.
  • Alp Kırşan, Turkish actor.
  • Alp Tarkhan, Khazar general.
  • Alp Tigin, Turkic ruler.
  • Alp Yalman, Turkish businessman.
  • Hüseyin Alp, Turkish basketball player
Alp (river)

The Alp is a river in the Swiss canton of Schwyz and a tributary of the Sihl. It has a length of

The river rises on the northwestern flanks of the Brünnelistock and the northern flanks of the Kleiner and Grosser Mythen mountains near Brunni, and flows in generally northerly direction through the village of Alpthal, the village of Trachslau, the town of Einsiedeln and the village of Biberbrugg.

The valley between Brunni and Einsiedeln is called Alptal.

At Biberbrugg, the river Biber joins the Alp. Some north of Biberbrugg, at Dreiwässern the Alp flows into the Sihl.

Usage examples of "alp".

On the report of this bold invasion, which threatened his hereditary dominions, Alp Arslan flew to the scene of action at the head of forty thousand horse.

In the morning the royal captive was presented to Alp Arslan, who doubted of his fortune, till the identity of the person was ascertained by the report of his ambassadors, and by the more pathetic evidence of Basilacius, who embraced with tears the feet of his unhappy sovereign.

In the preliminaries of negotiation, Alp Arslan asked him what treatment he expected to receive, and the calm indifference of the emperor displays the freedom of his mind.

During the life of Alp Arslan, his eldest son had been acknowledged as the future sultan of the Turks.

An ample share of their wisdom and virtue is due to a Persian vizier, who ruled the empire under the reigns of Alp Arslan and his son.

Izrail, the son of Seljuk, had fallen in a battle against Alp Arslan and the humane victor had dropped a tear over his grave.

His five sons, strong in arms, ambitious of power, and eager for revenge, unsheathed their cimeters against the son of Alp Arslan.

I said these words did him extreme credit, but that he must not throw away the imperishable distinction of being the first man to descend an Alp per parachute, simply to save the feelings of some envious underlings.

You talked about not letting the public get free looks at Madame Alp, but everywhere on the road people are looking at the lion for free.

Phoebe Simms was not yet accoutred to appear as Madame Alp at intermission, but Florian and Fitzfarris decided that the triplets were worth displaying even in their duckling-looking garb of threadbare old homespun and big new shoes.

Magpie Maggie Hag sat down, with Phoebe Simms helping, to work on the costumes for Madame Alp and the White African Pygmies.

Maggie Hag had finished basting together the dresses for Madame Alp and the White Pygmies, and had commanded a try-on.

Madame Alp and, so as not to be ogled for free by the gathered gawks, went to wait in the tent wagon, where she could be company for Magpie Maggie Hag, still enfeebled by her premonitions or whatever was ailing her.

You can take Madame Alp home with you for only one-fifteenth of a cent per pound!

Florian uncomfortably made the announcement that Madame Alp was off to get married.