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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see alright.


a. (misspelling of all right English)

Allright (automobile)

The Allright (known in Germany as the Allreit and outside of Germany as the Vindec-Special) was a German automobile manufactured from 1908 to 1913 at the Cologne-Lindenthal factory that produced Allright, Tiger, Roland, and Vindec-Special bicycles and motorcycles.

The first Allright-Mobil of 1908 was offered with an air-cooled v-twin engine and four wire wheels. It weighed and could reach .

From 1910 an improved model was offered, available as two-seater Runabout or delivery truck. Its 960cc v-twin engine delivered at 1300 rpm. A rear-wheel-drive vehicle, its axle was driven via a conical leather clutch, a three-speed transmission, and chains. The vehicle weighed and could attain a speed of . It was sold for 3,000 German gold marks.

Usage examples of "allright".

But if he accesses the Run-Monitor and sees itregistering seventeen hours, he’ll have something to say allright.

It seems you are afraid if we are the rigth party and if the boy is allright.