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n. (plural of bicycle English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: bicycle)

Usage examples of "bicycles".

Here the bicycles were left, and the group headed westward on foot around the end of the ridgelike hill which formed the backbone of the island and on which all their houses were built.

Abstractions, he knew, could be hard to convey to a jury who sat looking, day after day, at two bicycles bearing evidence tags and a defendant accused of killing their owners.

The killers were very meticulous about removing any evidence, hiding the bicycles, hiding their clothes, hiding their bodies.

That was the thing about bicycles, you always knew to the second how long a journey took.

The bicycles obstructing the way, the unloved and unwashed stair carpet, the large and perplexing stain on the elderly wallpaper.

The others agreed, and dispersed to collect the bicycles which were leaning against the school building.

They splashed up the creek to the culvert, retrieved their bicycles from the bushes, and went their various ways, after agreeing to meet at the same place after breakfast.

It proved better, however, to traverse this section on foot, and the boys soon abandoned the bicycles rather than walk them.

The bicycles were cached as usual, and the group splashed down the creek to the boat, where all but Bob changed to bathing suits.

They were attaching an old apple crate to one of the bicycles with twine.

The workers brought their families, riding out on the carts and in dilapidated old vans and on an army of bicycles, and their children danced wild demoniacal dances in the light of the flames.

But they did need places to turn and park cars, and for the athletic like Marcella, chain their bicycles in elegantly disguised sheds.

By 1922, when my grandparents arrived, Detroit made other spinning things, too: marine engines, bicycles, handrolled cigars.