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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
allegations/accusations/charges of corruption
▪ He has strongly denied allegations of corruption.
counter an argument/an allegation/a criticism etc
▪ He was determined to counter the bribery allegations.
deny a charge/allegation
▪ Officials denied allegations that torture was widespread.
dismiss an allegation/charge
▪ She claimed that she was honest and dismissed the allegations against her.
refute an allegation/a suggestion etc
▪ She refuted any allegations of malpractice.
unfounded rumours/claims/allegations etc
▪ Unfounded rumours began circulating that Ian and Susan were having an affair.
▪ Mr Cable should get his facts straight before he makes false allegations.
▪ Is this due to unsatisfactory laws or to the widespread prevalence of false allegations?
▪ If false, the allegations were inevitably damaging.
▪ The following episodes are recent examples of allegations which have been made.
▪ In recent weeks, allegations have surfaced concerning contract irregularities in the massive prison construction program.
▪ There had also been recent allegations that Vacek had acted to prevent relevant documents from reaching the commission.
▪ But the nature of the recent allegations is different.
▪ Perhaps most telling was the campus reaction to the recent date-rape allegations.
▪ For the council's works committee is to consider taking disciplinary action against employees who made serious corruption allegations against senior officials.
▪ The most serious allegation against him involved the November 1998 slaying of three men at an automobile body shop in Montebello.
▪ It's not making any serious allegations.
▪ Are not those very serious allegations?
▪ Benjamin had levelled the most serious allegations against her, yet never once had she protested, objected or interrupted.
▪ But serious allegations had already been made against him by this date.
▪ When interviewed by complaints department officers he made similar allegations about fabrication of admissions.
▪ For the council's works committee is to consider taking disciplinary action against employees who made serious corruption allegations against senior officials.
▪ The regional attorney general's office is investigating corruption allegations against the university's former rector that involve millions of dollars.
▪ There will also be further reforms in the banking sector, plagued by corruption allegations.
▪ For months the Yeltsin family has been at the centre of corruption allegations.
▪ The mayor, Pietro Giubilo, had to quit in the face of corruption allegations involving companies linked to Communion and Liberation.
▪ Sunday Life tried unsuccessfully to contact Mr Carson last week to comment on the allegations.
▪ The official line is that it remains Government policy never to comment on allegations of this nature.
▪ On advise of counsel, the company officially declined to comment on the allegations.
▪ The investigation is held in private but the authority and individuals concerned may comment on the allegations.
▪ He had always denied any allegations of improper dealings.
▪ However, Premium denied the allegations in papers filed with the court.
▪ They deny allegations that torture and ill-treatment are widespread.
▪ The president and party leaders strongly have denied that allegation.
▪ The respondents defended the proceedings denying all the allegations made against them by the petitioner.
▪ The company has acknowledged that some incidents of harassment occurred, but denies allegations that it was widely tolerated.
▪ The couple denied the allegations, and the court heard they were once praised by social services for their fostering work.
▪ McKinney, 46, has denied the allegations.
▪ The resistance movement dismissed the allegations.
▪ Microsoft dismissed the allegations as unfounded, saying its practices were specifically allowed by the consent decree.
▪ The chief justice's supporters dismiss the allegations of racism as preposterous.
▪ Meanwhile, the troubles of Mrs Winnie Mandela, who is facing new allegations of involvement in murder, continued.
▪ It also has faced allegations that it lied about prior supply shortages, which it repeatedly has denied.
▪ Peter Righton has been summonsed to appear in court next month to face allegations concerning obscene material.
▪ Seven lawyers are working full-time in his office to follow up the allegations made by Perez.
▪ This follows allegations in a book called Excursion to Hell by Vincent Bramley, who served in the conflict.
▪ Again they heard the allegations against them on the basis of which their children had been taken away.
▪ He said the majority of recalls and other related corrective actions do not include allegations that a company withheld safety information.
▪ To investigate allegations of offences against trading standards legislation.
▪ Milosevic promised the students he would investigate their allegations and punish any officials found responsible for electoral fraud.
▪ His strong defence was supported by authority members, convened in a small working party to investigate the allegations.
▪ The Army, which has set up a toll-free hot line, is investigating more than 200 allegations throughout the service.
▪ Its chairman and company secretary are being questioned by police investigating allegations of fraud.
▪ She decided this month not to seek the outside inquiry and instead formed a Justice Department task force to investigate the allegations.
▪ They're investigating allegations of interference with witnesses and tampering with evidence in a forthcoming trial.
▪ Last year, they investigated 3, 500 allegations by parents and employees, in addition to regular inspections.
▪ Proceedings under the Children Act 1989 are civil but may involve allegations of very serious misconduct.
▪ Davis was not involved in criminal allegations, but the assaults were said to have taken place in his dorm room.
▪ The investigation has penetrated every level of society on the island and involves allegations of corruption among government ministers.
▪ Most e-mail-related cases involve allegations of invasion of privacy, Lippetz said.
▪ By the mid-sixteenth century it had emerged as a distinct species of case involving four allegations.
▪ Most of the claims involved allegations of age discrimination.
▪ For the council's works committee is to consider taking disciplinary action against employees who made serious corruption allegations against senior officials.
▪ Those making the allegations include a priest, guidance counselor, professor, engineer and lawyer.
▪ He makes some allegations which I can't understand.
▪ C., have made no allegations of harassment.
▪ Mr Cable should get his facts straight before he makes false allegations.
▪ It's not making any serious allegations.
▪ In recent years M.P.s have made use of this privilege to make defamatory allegations.
▪ Many others in the village have made allegations of abuse.
▪ Forensic evidence to support or refute allegations proved the exception not the rule.
▪ There have been repeated allegations that the current interceptor tests have been rigged to appear more successful than they have actually been.
▪ She will now have to repeat her allegations when the 52-year-old Surrey man is re-tried on two rape charges.
▪ Sarbutts repeated his allegations against the police at Turner's appeal hearing.
▪ These actions do not support the allegations that Dista Products failed to take appropriate action on this issue.
▪ Forensic evidence to support or refute allegations proved the exception not the rule.
▪ The hon. Gentleman should withdraw his allegation.
▪ The book contains shocking allegations about the senator's private life.
▪ The newspaper made several allegations, none of which turned out to be true.
▪ There have been allegations in the press that the fire was started deliberately.
▪ There were allegations of corruption in the police department.
▪ These are serious allegations. Do you have any evidence to support them?
▪ Weimar denied allegations of financial mismanagement.
▪ As the allegations have come out over the past six months, neither party seems immune.
▪ But if the allegation is hearsay or pure fabrication, Walenski is being railroaded.
▪ He has made an allegation, and I expect him to substantiate it.
▪ I told the Minister that I found his allegations incredible.
▪ It is a wild and mischievous allegation, for which the hon. Lady has not a shadow of evidence.
▪ Previously the coup allegations have been launched against the manner by which Bush obtained the presidency.
▪ Prosecutors said the allegation was made long ago by an unreliable supergrass, and no investigation is expected.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Allegation \Al`le*ga"tion\, n. [L. allegatio, fr. allegare, allegatum, to send a message, cite; later, to free by giving reasons; ad + legare to send, commission. Cf. Allege and Adlegation.]

  1. The act of alleging or positively asserting.

  2. That which is alleged, asserted, or declared; positive assertion; formal averment

    I thought their allegation but reasonable.

  3. (Law) A statement by a party of what he undertakes to prove, -- usually applied to each separate averment; the charge or matter undertaken to be proved.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "action of alleging," from Middle French allégation, from Latin allegationem (nominative allegatio) "a sending, despatching," noun of action from past participle stem of allegare (see allege).


n. An assertion, especially an accusation, not necessarily based on facts.

  1. n. (law) a formal accusation against somebody (often in a court of law); "an allegation of malpractice"

  2. statements affirming or denying certain matters of fact that you are prepared to prove [syn: allegement]


In law, an allegation (also called adduction) is a claim of a fact by a party in a pleading, charge, or defense. Until they can be proved, allegations remain merely assertions.

There are also marital allegations: marriage bonds and allegations exist for couples who applied to marry by licence. They do not exist for couples who married by banns. The marriage allegation was the document in which the couple alleged (or frequently just the groom alleged on behalf of both of them) that there were no impediments to the marriage.

Generally, in a civil complaint, a plaintiff alleges facts sufficient to establish all the elements of the claim and thus states a cause of action. The plaintiff must then carry the burden of proof and the burden of persuasion in order to succeed in the lawsuit.

A defendant can allege affirmative defenses in its answer to the complaint.

Other allegations are required in a pleading to establish the correct jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction.

Usage examples of "allegation".

After the preliminary investigation the attorney general could determine the allegation had no merit and drop it.

If the White House had underreacted to the Egyptian pyramids allegation, it overreacted to the Amaretto and cream tale.

No credible firsthand witness ever appeared to support the allegation, and Jordan was probably innocent of spitting on a woman.

What kind of lawyer would interrupt a lucrative private practice to investigate a misdemeanor drug possession allegation against anyone?

On the central allegation, he was convinced that Jordan had not taken cocaine.

The allegation would have less impact and credibility if Casey were out of office, removed because of suspicions about his role.

It meant another two-week delay as they chased down and answered the allegation, Gray said.

United States based on this one allegation, but it was obvious they were in the realm of the serious.

Jones lawyers explored any allegation, tip, article or book suggesting some kind of Clinton sexual liaison.

The allegation on the tapes that Vernon Jordan was trying to silence Lewinsky with a job was the perfect link to their investigation of Jordan, whom they suspected was trying to silence Webster Hubbell by helping him get a lucrative contract with Revlon.

Stories circulated that this allegation made a number of moderate Republicans more inclined to vote against Clinton, but of the 45 Republicans who saw the secret documents, only two were undecided.

Blumenthal wife-beating allegation is pure fiction that has been created by Clinton enemies.

If an offense cannot be accurately and clearly described without an allegation that the accused is not within an exception contained in the statutes, an indictment which does not contain such allegation is defective.

Dempsey, conceded a similar allegation to be correct but did not deem it sufficient to render the trial a nullity.

In these letters he founded his allegation, that Ireland had not her fair proportion of members of the house of commons, on this data.