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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Allah \Al"lah\, n. [ contr. fr. the article al the + ilah God.] The name of the Supreme Being, in use among the Arabs and the Mohammedans generally.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1702, Arabic name for the Supreme Being, from Arabic Allahu, contraction of al-Ilahu, from al "the" + Ilah "God;" related to Hebrew Elohim.


Allah (; , ) is the Arabic word referring to God in Abrahamic religions. The word is thought to be derived by contraction from al ilāh, which means "the God", and has cognates in other Semitic languages, including Elah in Aramaic, ʾĒl in Canaanite and Elohim in Hebrew.

The word Allah has been used by Arabs of different religions since pre-Islamic times. More specifically, it has been used as a term to refer to God by Muslims (both Arab and non-Arab) and Arab Christians. It is now mainly used by Muslims and Arab Christians to refer to God. It is also often, albeit not exclusively, used in this way by Bábists, Bahá'ís, Indonesian and Maltese Christians, and Mizrahi Jews. Similar usage by Christians and Sikhs in West Malaysia has recently led to political and legal controversies.

Allah (disambiguation)

Allah may refer to

  • Allah (word), the word for "God" in Arabic
    • God in Islam, with the Arabic word used in other languages
    • Allah as Moon-god, putative pre-Islamic god, alleged by some anti-Islamists to be the origin of the Islamic conception of God.
  • Allah Valley, valley of the Allah River, Mindanao, Philippines

Usage examples of "allah".

Atlantis, and that it was probably from Atlantis they derived their god Baal, or Bel, or El, whose name crops out in the Bel of the Babylonians, the Elohim, and the Beelzebub of the Jews, and the Allah of the Arabians, And we find that this great deity, whose worship extended so widely among the Mediterranean races, was known and adored also upon the northern and western coasts of Europe.

The Golden Bough tore back into the scattered fleet, and now some of the dhows dropped their wide triangular main sail as they saw him coming and screamed to Allah for mercy.

The Sultan, thought Hamid-Jones, must be a megalomaniac to think that he had been foreordained by Allah to become the first Caliph in a thousand years!

The enemy gun line was at the crest of the low rise, but the Mahratta gunners dared not fire because the remnants of the Lions of Allah were between them and the redcoats.

Manu Bappoo had hoped to defend the breaches by concentrating his best fighters, the Lions of Allah, at their summits, but that hope had been defeated by the British guns that had continued to fire at the breaches until the redcoats were almost at the top of the ramps.

When my mother finished her song to Allah she rolled up her mat and put it inside our round house.

It was a blessing to be filled with life, an honor that Allah would allow me to create a new family.

My mother wrapped them in white and Father buried them on a shelf until Allah took them.

Baby Allah will bring him Back to our tribe Sometimes I sang this one: Father is traveling, traveling, traveling Auntie is traveling, traveling, traveling Brother is traveling, traveling, traveling When Father returns he will bring many presents When Auntie returns she will bring many presents When Brother returns he will bring many presents All for the good baby boy.

I said thank you to Allah for my uncle, for this day and for this food.

I understand why my family believes that there is a day when it is your time to die, that is the will of Allah and we have to accept death as part of life.

He looked terrible but I thanked Allah that he was still alive and that I had found this man.

I had only a little moment in the car lights to see my half-brothers before we had to entrust them to Allah and the peaceful desert.

I thanked Allah that I was able to buy some shoes for Rashid, to get medicine for my father and my uncle.

Sometimes great pain is a great gift and I believe that Allah had given me a gift.