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abd allah

n. (alternate form of Abdullah lang= en)

Abd Allah (Zaragoza)

Abd Allah ibn al-Hakam al-Tujibi was the final member of the Banu Tujibi group of local bosses to rule Zaragoza before they were muscled out of control by the Banu Hud family. He ruled briefly in 1039 before the Banu Hud seized control.

Usage examples of "abd allah".

It was a long story, impossible to unravel, partly because the various Arab authors and protagonists had extremely long names, the texts were transcribed with a forest of diacritical marks, and as the evening wore on we could no longer distinguish between Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad ibn 'AH ibn Razzam al-Ta I al-Kufi, Abu Muhammad 'Ubayd Allah, and Abu Mu'inl 'Abd Din Na-sir ibn Khusraw MarvazI Qubadiyanl.

Being eclectic in terms of his theology, Fat listed a number of saviors: the Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus and Abu Al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah Abd Al-Muttalib Ibn Hashim (i.