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Allá is a rock band formed by three young Chicanos (Mexican-Americans) from Chicago: Jorge Ledezma (guitars, keyboards, vibraphone, composer & producer), his brother Angel Ledezma (drums) and Lupe Martinez (vocals, guitar and keyboards). As inspired by German krautrock ( Can, Faust), 60s pop productions (from Phil Spector to Tamla Motown) and electronica as by Mexican trio music and Brazilian Tropicalia, they aim at producing a kind of psychedelic Latin pop/rock. The band members previously collaborated in an instrumental band called Defender, and the Ledezma brothers have played with former Can singer Damo Suzuki.

Allá's debut album was produced over a 4-year period by Jorge Ledezma with sound engineer Colin Studybaker ( Iron and Wine, National Trust). Recordings took place in and around Chicago, at Clava Studios, Engine Music, ( Tortoise's) John McEntire's Soma Electronic Studios & others, as well as at Tambourine Studios in Sweden, where Jorge laid down the string and horn arrangements alongside arranger Patrik Bartosch ( Eggstone, The Cardigans). Entitled Es Tiempo, the album came out on Crammed Discs in 2008.

Allá are about to release a mini-album of cover versions, entitled Digs and recorded as a tribute to artists who have inspired them: Faust, The Residents, John Cale/ Terry Riley, Mexican psych-rock band from the '70s Los Dug Dugs, and Kanye West.

In Spanish, Allá means "over there", and is the word used by Chicanos when talking about their parents' homeland, as well as by Mexicans when talking about the USA. The very ambiguity of the word perfectly represents how Jorge, Lupe and Angel feel: they truly feel that they're the product of these combined cultures, neither here nor there.

Alla (song)

"Alla" ( Greek: Άλλα; ) is a song by Swedish singer Sofia and was her entrant in Sweden's Eurovision Song Contest selection process Melodifestivalen. The song is sung entirely in Greek and won the international jury vote at the contest, gaining it a spot in the final, where it ended up placing tenth of eleven. The song was released in Sweden and will also be released in Greece, with the possibility of both English and Swedish versions being produced.

Alla (female name)

Alla is a Russian and Ukrainian female given name.

The Orthodox Christian Church usually relates the name with Saint Alla, the widow of a Gothic chieftain, martyred in King Athanaric's times. Since the name is also spread among Tatars, there is some speculation that the name has its origin in the pre-Islamic goddess Allat. The name Alla is also widespread in Iceland.

Usage examples of "alla".

Al grande Albergo della Luna il campanello chiamava a raccolta i commensali alla gran tavola rotonda.

She like to learn all about different races of beings by giving allas to them.

Long time ago, some other aliens bring Om and allas to the Metamartian race, and now we bring Om and allas to you.

And then I suppose Om will tell you how to spread the allas to everyone, human and moldie alike.

And, yes, we do help Om to give allas to the civilizations we discover.

We got the family now, we gonna look around a little, make a baby, maybe help Om spread the allas, and then we move on.

Since they were keeping the allas secret, Yoke had to talk all around everything to avoid spilling the beans.

This meant that once the news of allas and their transfer-ability got out, owning an alla would become seriously hazardous to your health.

We should ask them how to copy the allas and at the same time get them to tell Om to not let allas make uranium or plutonium.

Most important of all, now that Phil understood what the allas were, he knew how easy it was to split one in two.

And, um, as far as copying allas goes, Siss told me that Phil already knows how to do it.

It had been a little over a month since Babs and Yoke had driven around San Francisco distributing allas, telling each person to split their alla into seven and to pass them on with the same instructions.

After a dozen cycles there were billions of allas, one for every person and moldie on Earth -- and that was enough.

Darla had gotten Cobb to ferry her back up to the Moon -- so the allas were all over the Moon as well, though news from the Moon was sporty.

Given that people could use their allas to make whatever they needed, most factories were going out of business.