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n. (plural of ale English)


Alès (; ) is a commune in the Gard department in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France. It is one of the sub-prefectures of the department. It was formerly known as Alais.


Aleš is a Slavic male name. The name is used today in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and other countries.

Ales (automobile)

The Ales was designed by engineer Junya Toyokawa, inventor of gyro-compasses for aircraft and boat control, and produced by Hakuyosha Ironworks Ltd, Tokyo, in 1921. The development of the two Ales experimental touring cars led to the production of the commercially sold 1924 Otomo. One was powered by a water-cooled, four-cylinder side-valve engine displacing 1610 cc, the other an air-cooled four-cylinder engine producing 780 cc.

Usage examples of "ales".

For the men, potent ales and smooth stouts, strong ciders and pungent meads.

Dark ales and blood-red wines flowed at all the tables, and musicians played songs from both Eibithar and Caerisse.

What the average Southlander cares about is whether those ash bows that are so good for hunting and those silk scarves the women love and those great cheeses and ales that come out of Varfleet and those healing plants grown on the Streleheim can find their way south to them!