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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
ginger ale
light ale
pale ale
real ale
▪ We made small talk to everyone we knew and I drank rather a lot of gin and ginger ale.
▪ Make it a glass of plain ginger ale.
▪ But I fix her her bourbon and ginger ale with the dash of ReaLemon just the way she likes it.
▪ We had some cans of ginger ale in a cooler, but they had gone bad, exploded.
▪ Fresh coffee and cookies, punch with ginger ale and lime sherbet floating in it.
▪ Mike poured me a Johnny Walker Black, then filled his own glass with ginger ale.
▪ Ham and cheese and a ginger ale sounds great.
▪ His friend stood on the porch with him, agitating in his hand a paper cup full of whisky and ginger ale.
▪ All three are still serving good ale.
▪ It will have your mouth watering, just thinking about a good nut-brown ale or creamy porter.
▪ There, with several farmers of his ilk, he quaffed pint after pint of good Berkshire ale.
▪ We breakfasted in the small refectory of the abbot's guest house on light ale and spiced oatmeal heated with boiling milk.
▪ Half-a-pint of light ale provides about 7% of two B vitamins - riboflavin and nicotinic acid.
▪ Cisk is a lager-type beer, while Hop Leaf is a pale ale.
▪ Wide range of wines, whiskies and continental bottled beers. Real ale.
▪ The Campaign now has more paid-up members than it did at the height of the 1970s real ale revival.
▪ Left to its own devices, real ale stays in a drinkable condition for about a week.
▪ Draught Tartan, Export, Harp and Carlsberg deluxe, real ale.
▪ Good wine list, many excellent malt whiskies, real ale.
▪ There was always the real ale to stave off the effects of ageing for a while.
▪ We ordered the fish and chips, expecting marvelous things from this traditional ale house fare.
▪ Add the ale, lemon juice, maple syrup and vinegar and cook 10 minutes longer.
▪ Billy picked up his pint of ale and took a large draught.
▪ Brew pubs -- restaurants that make their own beer -- prefer to sell ale.
▪ Deglaze pan with nut-brown ale and reduce liquid by half. 3.
▪ He wanted to feel warmed through to his spine, to have the comfort steal into him like strong ale.
▪ One of my favourite festivals is the small winter ale festival in Exeter.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Beer \Beer\, n. [OE. beor, ber, AS. be['o]r; akin to Fries. biar, Icel. bj?rr, OHG. bior, D. & G. bier, and possibly E. brew. [root]93, See Brew.]

  1. A fermented liquor made from any malted grain, but commonly from barley malt, with hops or some other substance to impart a bitter flavor.

    Note: Beer has different names, as small beer, ale, porter, brown stout, lager beer, according to its strength, or other qualities. See Ale.

  2. A fermented extract of the roots and other parts of various plants, as spruce, ginger, sassafras, etc.

    Small beer, weak beer; (fig.) insignificant matters. ``To suckle fools, and chronicle small beer.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English ealu "ale, beer," from Proto-Germanic *aluth- (cognates: Old Saxon alo, Old Norse öl), perhaps from PIE root meaning "bitter" (cognates: Latin alumen "alum"), or from PIE *alu-t "ale," from root *alu-, which has connotations of "sorcery, magic, possession, intoxication." The word was borrowed from Germanic into Lithuanian (alus) and Old Church Slavonic (olu).\nIn the fifteenth century, and until the seventeenth, ale stood for the unhopped fermented malt liquor which had long been the native drink of these islands. Beer was the hopped malt liquor introduced from the Low Countires in the fifteenth century and popular first of all in the towns. By the eighteenth century, however, all malt liquor was hopped and there had been a silent mutation in the meaning of the two terms. For a time the terms became synonymous, in fact, but local habits of nomenclature still continued to perpetuate what had been a real difference: 'beer' was the malt liquor which tended to be found in towns, 'ale' was the term in general use in the country districts. [Peter Mathias, "The Brewing Industry in England," Cambridge University Press, 1959]Meaning "festival or merry-meeting at which much ale was drunk" was in Old English (see bridal).


n. 1 (context dated English) A beer made without hops. 2 A beer produced by so-called and not pressurized. 3 A festival in English country places, so called from the liquor drunk.


n. a general name for beer made with a top fermenting yeast; in some of the United States an ale is (by law) a brew of more than 4% alcohol by volume


Ale is a type of beer brewed using a warm fermentation method, resulting in a sweet, full-bodied and fruity taste. Historically, the term referred to a drink brewed without hops.

As with most beers, ale typically has a bittering agent to balance the sweetness of the malt and act as a preservative. Ale was originally bittered with gruit, a mixture of herbs or spices boiled in the wort before fermentation. Later, hops replaced gruit as the bittering agent.

Ale (disambiguation)

Ale is a fermented alcoholic beverage. It could also refer to:

  • Ginger ale, a carbonated soft drink flavored with ginger
  • Parish Ale an English festival tradition
  • Ale, plural of ala, a demon in the Serbian and Bulgarian mythology
  • A gathering of morris dance teams
  • Ale, a Finnish term meaning sale (as in "on sale")
  • Ale (woreda), woreda in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia
  • Ale Municipality, Västra Götaland, Sweden
  • Ale Hundred, Västergötland, Sweden
  • Ale the Strong, legendary Scandinavian ruler
  • Onela, a semi-legendary Swedish king from the first half the 6th century
  • Ale Pyinthe (Saw Rahan II), a queen consort of kings Saw Rahan II and Kunhsaw Kyaunghpyu of the Pagan Dynasty of Myanmar. Mother of King Sokkate
  • Alê Abreu (born 1971), Brazilian film director and screenwriter
  • Ale Ahmad Suroor, Urdu poet, critic and professor from India
  • Ale (or Alessandro),+ the nickname of Italian football player Alessandro Del Piero
  • Ale de Boer (born 1987), Dutch football player
  • Ale Dee, real name Alexandre Duhaime, Canadian rapper
  • Alé Garza (born 1977), American penciler and comics artist
  • Ale González (born 1994), Spanish football player
  • Ale Möller (born 1955), Swedish musician and composer
  • Ale Smidts (born 1958), Dutch organizational theorist and Professor of Marketing Research
  • Ale Vena Ale, Samoan politician
  • Savali Talavou Ale, American Samoan politician
  • Uota Ale (born 1986), Tuvaluan football player
  • Ale (album), 2008 album by Italian singer Alexia
  • Ale (Polish for "But"), a 2012 album by Dorota Miśkiewicz

ALE could also refer to:

  • Aleut language, from its ISO 639 code
  • Alice, Texas, USA, from its Amtrak station code
  • Allerton railway station, from its National Rail code
  • Airborne Law Enforcement, referring to police aviation
  • Avid Log Exchange file format, Avid Technology film-based databases for transferring info between systems
  • European Free Alliance , a European political party
  • Annualized Loss Expectancy, IT risk assessment methodology
  • Anti-Lamenessing Engine
  • Apple Lossless Encoder
  • Advanced Lipoxidation Endproducts
  • Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian, in computational fluid dynamics
  • Asymptotically locally Euclidean in general relativity and differential geometry
  • Automatic link establishment
  • Avid Log Exchange
  • Application Level Events, an RFID standard for a software interface
  • Ajax Linking and Embedding, OLE for AJAX
  • Address Latch Enable
  • Agra Lucknow Expressway, an expressway under construction in Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Application linking and enabling, a transport protocol by SAP AG
Ale (woreda)

Ale is one of the woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Illubabor Zone, Ale is bordered on the south by the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region, on the west by Nono, on the northwest by Bure, and on the northeast by Metu. Towns in Ale include Ale, Gore and Leka. Didu woreda was part of Ale woreda.

Rivers in Ale include the Moro Kala and Waffa, both part of the drainage area of the Baro. High points include Mount Sidi.

Coffee is an important cash crop of this woreda. Over 50 square kilometers is planted with this crop.

Ale (album)

Ale is the eighth studio album by Italian singer Alexia released in 2008. The album is the first release on the Edel label after Alexia left Sony Music in 2007 and was the first studio album Alexia had released since 2004's Gli Occhi Grandi Della Luna. The album was released in Italy on CD on 27 June 2008 and for digital download the next day. A version which included the song Biancaneve was released in Europe on 24 July 2009.

Two singles were released from the album; Grande Coraggio which had two videos filmed, one of which contained clips of Alexia in the studio recording the album and at the album photoshoot which was used to promote both album and single. Guardarti Dentro was the second single and as it was just a one track digital release which did not differ from the album, no separate download track was issued. Initially 'Estate' was planned to be the first single from the album.

Usage examples of "ale".

A hogshead of ale was abroach under an oak, and a fire was blazing in an open space before the trees to roast the fat deer which the foresters brought.

When they stopped for the night at a wayside inn, Seregil retired immediately, leaving alec to sit alone over his ale in the common room.

She or he would be drinking in heroic fashion, perhaps yards of real Earth ale, shooting them back with raw alk boiling in dry ice.

Mac Ard was leaning toward Maeve, his arms on the table, his hands curled around a mug of the ale, and her mam was talking.

In the end Axel wiped his hands on his apron and poured a cup of ale, sending it over with the boy, who peered at Julian hopefully from behind a curtain of sleek brown hair.

Liam accepted a cup of ale from Axel and drank thirstily, the pale liquid dribbling down his chin to stain his shirt.

With a grunt, he went through to the grog-shop, whence were borne odours of sausage, ale, wine, tar and sweat on gusts of argument, laughter, bawdry and alleged song.

The air in the courtyard smelled of stale ale and urine, and at the far end of the atrium stood a begrimed building that might once have been white.

And so six times a day all traffic on the carriageway was forced to halt for twenty minutes while that beneath floated through on the tide: hoys and shallops headed upstream with loads of malt and dried haddock, bumboats and pinnaces going downstream with hogsheads of ale and sugar for the merchantmen at Tower Dock, sometimes even the yacht of the King himself on its way to the races at Greenwich, masts swaying and sails crackling.

They had brought old sail canvas from the carack and made shelters along the strand, where beef was still roasting and the ale granted them by their captain was doled out sparingly.

Zinnsoldaten zu dem alten Mann hinauf, welcher den Vorgang vom Fenster aus mit angesehen hatte.

Gebeine wohl so ziemlich dieselben waren wie seine alten, bedeckte sie jetzt festes, lebendes Fleisch.

I always ask advice of a flaggon of ale, and mature my plan over a cold venison-pasty.

Cassie accepted a sherry, Lewis a Coca-Cola, Maureen a daring port and lemon, the Gaffer half of old ale.

She paused, wishing she had a mug of the sharp, dark germander ale that her father had brewed in his inn.