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n. A town and commune in southern France.


Albi (; ) is a commune in southern France. It is the prefecture of the Tarn department. It is located on the River Tarn, c. 85 km northeast of Toulouse. Its inhabitants are called Albigensians (, ). It was the seat of the Archbishop of Albi and is the seat of the Diocese of Albi. The episcopal city, situated in the center of the actual city, around the cathedral, was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2010.

Usage examples of "albi".

Though the widow cast no charms and worked no spells, it was said that when she first came to Gont she had lived at Re Albi as a ward of the mage, and that she knew the Archmage of Roke, and no doubt had foreign and uncanny powers.

She had told herself and nearly convinced herself that he would not ask, that he would know as mages knew, as even the wizards of Gont Port and Re Albi had known when Ogion died.

She had in fact been wondering how, if she stayed in Re Albi, she would get on.

Sparrowhawk they might be proud of as a name, the archmage who had lived awhile in Re Albi and done wonderful things, fooling a dragon in the Ninety Isles, bringing the Ring of Erreth-Akbe back from somewhere or other.

He went on up the hill to the domain of the Lord of Re Albi, not down the road that Ged had gone.

They were tenants of the Lord of Re Albi, suspicious of the villagers, leery of any­thing to do with Ogion.

And if you cross my will or dare so much as speak to me again, I will have you driven from Re Albi, and off the Overfell, with the dogs at your heels.

In leaving Re Albi now she left Ogion, lost him, as she had not lost him while she kept his house and weeded his onions.

Getting to know Moss at Re Albi had made her wish to know Ivy better, if she could once get past the witch’s suspicion and jealousy.

Tenar found it was not so hard to talk about Ogion as about other people of Re Albi, and told him all she could.

To the left were the roofs of Re Albi slanting down towards the cliff’s edge.

But the fishwife, seeing a chance to seize the high moral ground, blared out, “Re Albi is it?

They know the girl we call our daughter is something like a witch, but worse, because her face and hand were burnt away by fire, and because she herself burnt up the Lord of Re Albi, or pushed him off the cliff, or killed him with the evil eye—their stories vary.

It was near sunset when she came through Re Albi and took the cliff path to the house.

Maybe he and his master would run together as stags, or fly to Re Albi over the mountain on the wings of eagles.