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An akim is the head of a local government in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It is derived from the Arabic word hakim , which means "ruler" or "governor".

Akim (disambiguation)

Akim is a given name in Russia, as well as in Africa as a variant of Hakim.

Akim may also refer to:

  • An akim, a mayor or governor in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan
  • Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (AKIM), a Malaysian political party
  • Akim (comics), an adventure comics series published between 1950 and 1983
  • Akim (tribe), a tribe in Ghana, and the associated district
  • Achim, son of Sadoc, mentioned briefly in the Genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1:14
  • Akim, a character in an Italian comic book of the same name
  • Akim Souab, the main character of French cartoon Wheel Squad
Akim (comics)

Akim is the title character of an Italian adventure comic series created by writer Roberto Renzi and illustrator Augusto Pedrazza.

A Tarzan-based comic book series, it was published by Tomasina from 1950 to 1967. It was also successfully exported in Germany, Greece (where it was renamed Tarzan) and in France, where Renzi and Pedrazza kept to produce new stories even after the series closed in Italy. The series was later reprised in Italy in 1976 by publishers Altamira (currently Sergio Bonelli Editore) and Quadrifoglio until 1983, when it finally closed.

Usage examples of "akim".

Whatever the reason, Akim had finally been jolted out of his indifference toward Mangus, and it was up to Daulo now to fan that flame.

Returning to his work, Daulo stretched out his senses to the limit, trying as hard as he could to pick up the feeling Akim had described.

But Akim merely walked past the two beds and seated himself at the writing desk.

Daulo and Akim left, she crouched down against the building and made a more leisurely scan of the area.

Daulo and Akim, the latter limping slightly, were being half dragged away from the outer gate by an escort of six armed men.

She hoped Daulo would remember to leave her out of whatever story he and Akim told them.

Daulo with his mouth hanging open, Akim only marginally less thunderstruck.

Dropping her end of the cable to fall beside Akim, Jin lowered herself over the edge to hang by her fingertips.

As Akim pointed out, anyone coming in through the tunnel would probably be more concerned with his footing than with watching the walls, anyway.

Reaching to his feet, Akim pulled off his shoes and slid them beneath his head as he stretched out on his back against the door.

Jin turned to Akim, noting with relief that he seemed to have recovered his balance.

Jin breathed to Akim, looking over at the door the alien had emerged from.

Jin whispered to Akim, glancing around to make sure there was no one else in the room.

It would lower the number of opponents facing her, increase the odds of her and Akim and Daulo getting out alive.

Miron Akim, how surprised we were that Obolo Nardin would panic this early?