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n. (lb en Islam) hasanat


The abbreviation AJR can refer to:

  • AJR (motorcycle), a motorcycle built in Scotland
  • AJR (band), a pop band from New York City
  • Abdominojugular test, a test for measuring jugular venous pressure
  • Academy for Jewish Religion (California), an institution for training rabbis, cantors and chaplains
  • Academy for Jewish Religion (New York), a rabbinical school
  • American Journalism Review, a magazine for journalism study and criticism
  • Arnold Judas Rimmer, a fictional character on British sit-com Red Dwarf
  • The IATA code for Arvidsjaur Airport in northern Sweden
  • Association of Jewish Refugees in Great Britain
AJR (motorcycle)

The AJR was one of the few motorcycles built in Scotland. AJ Robertson of Edinburgh built 346cc and 490cc Villiers powered single cylinder engine machines between 1925 and 1926. Robertson rode them in many sporting events.

AJR (band)

AJR is a New York City-based indie pop band composed of brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met. The band is a DIY pop group who write, produce, and mix their own material in the living room of their Chelsea apartment. Their music style has been described as "eclectic", combining elements of pop, doo-wop, electronic, and dubstep. They have opened for Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Hoodie Allen, Lindsey Stirling, The Vamps, The Wanted, Train, Andy Grammer, We the Kings, and American Authors.