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Aix (genus)

Aix is a bird genus that contains two species of ducks: the wood duck (Aix sponsa), and the Mandarin duck (Aix galericulata). Aix is an Ancient Greek word used by Aristotle to refer to an unknown diving bird.

The genus belongs to the family Anatidae in the waterfowl order Anseriformes. They were formerly placed in the " perching ducks", a paraphyletic group somewhat intermediate between shelducks and dabbling ducks, and it is not quite clear whether they should be placed in the Anatinae (dabbling duck) or Tadorninae (shelduck) subfamily.

The two species are generally considered to be very attractive, particularly the multi-coloured drakes. Wood ducks are a North American species, occurring mainly in the eastern half of the United States, and from southern Canada to northern Mexico. Mandarin ducks are an Asian species occurring mainly in Japan and China, but there is an important feral population in the United Kingdom. Both species migrate from the northern parts of their respective ranges to winter in the south of the range. They inhabit quiet wooded streams and ponds.

The genus shows marked sexual dimorphism (differences between the sexes), with the females being smaller and less colorful.

The wood duck has a mass of . It is in length, and has a wingspan of . Males have red eyes and iridescent plumage. Both sexes have crested heads.

The Mandarin duck is long with a wingspan. It has an even more flamboyant plumage than the wood duck. The female Mandarins are less brightly colored than the males.

Wood ducks will consume small crustaceans, insects, and plant matter. Mandarin ducks are mainly vegetarian.

Wood ducks are reproductively capable around the age of one year. They are monogamous for the season. Mating occurs between February and April, depending on latitude. The clutch size is between 6 and 15, and the incubation period is about 30 days. The young are precocial. They venture from the cavity nest at one day old and are cared for by the mother for about 60 days. The young have a very high mortality rate. Wood ducks normally live 3 to 4 years.

Mandarin ducks are also monogamous. The courtship ritual, like the plumage, is rather showy. The female lays between 9 and 12 eggs in a cavity nest, then incubates them for about 30 days. Parental care by the mother is a little shorter in this species, lasting about 40 days.

Both species are affected by loss of habitat. As human development continues to expand, the woodland areas preferred by these ducks continues to shrink. As of 2016, both species had been evaluated for the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and given a "least concern" rating.

AIX (disambiguation)

AIX is a line of IBM computer operating systems.

AIX may also refer to:

Usage examples of "aix".

Madame Zeroli had spoken enthusiastically about me, and had taken the jests of the two other ladies in good part, boasting that she could keep me at Aix as long as she remained there herself.

He came up to me, took my hand, and said he was happy that his wife had the power to keep me at Aix.

Chamberi, as when I came back I might no longer find the only object which kept me at Aix.

He came over to Aix every day, and took me to the houses of all the best people.

As the marquis came to Aix to thank me, I had to pay another visit to the country house.

I finished my dinner before the company had come to the end of their first course, and as my coach could not go for another hour I went up to a pretty woman, and complimented her on the good the waters of Aix seemed to have done her, for her appetite made all who looked at her feel hungry.

After supper I told the good woman that if she could rely on her nephew, she would do well to send him at once to Chamberi with orders to return directly the lay-sisters started, and to endeavour to reach Aix two hours before them.

When her aunt introduced me to her by name, she observed with true feminine tact that during her stay at Aix she had seen me five or six times at the fountain, but that I could not remember her features as she had always worn her veil.

CHAPTER VIII My Imprudence--Passano--I Am Imprisoned--My Departure from Barcelona-- Madame Castelbajac at Montpellier--Nimes--I Arrive at Aix Although my Swiss landlord seemed an honest and trustworthy kind of man, I could not help thinking that Nina had acted very imprudently in commending me to him.

Germany was massing at Aix and in Belgium to defeat the Entente strategy in Flanders.

On the way he informed me of the condition of the people I had seen, and I learnt that none of them had come to Aix for the sake of the waters.

Baretti, who had known me at Aix, and had been the Marquis de Pries croupier, took me to see the Mazzoli, formerly a dancer, and then mistress to the Chevalier Raiberti, a hardheaded but honest man, who was then secretary for foreign affairs.

The letter ended by ordering her not to leave at Aix a lady who had lost her husband, and had a daughter who was destined to be of great service to the fraternity of the R.

In three days time I provided the mother and daughter with their outfit, and we left Aix gladly in an elegant and convenient travelling carriage which I had provided.

I set out, and as soon as I had passed the Aix la Chapelle Gate, I told the postillion to stop and wait for me.