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Äila is a village in Hanila Parish, Lääne County in western Estonia.

Category:Villages in Lääne County

Aila (name)

Aila is a female given name of Hebrew origin, meaning "oak tree". It is also a Scottish name, meaning "From the strong place". It can be a variant spelling of Ayla, which is pronounced (eye-la), and is quickly gaining popularity among girls being born in the United States. Aila is also a Finnish name, probably a form of Helga or Olga, meaning "bringer of light". Aila is also a character in the Sony PlayStation 2 game Suikoden III.

Aila is also a Turkish/Farsi name that means halo around the moon, and more generally it means moonlight.

Aila (liquor)

Aylā ( Nepal Bhasa: अयला:) is a Newari beverage prepared by distillation of fermented ingredients such as rice, grains and millet. Apart from casual drinking, Aila is an important part of festivals in Nepal. This liquor is usually homemade and prepared by traditional methods. Its preparation is not yet commercial in Nepal, however it is sold in restaurant that serve Newa cuisine. It is about 50% alcohol and can be bought in local Newari restaurants . CNN has noted it as being one of the "50 most delicious drinks in the world".