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Ai \A"i\, n.; pl. Ais. [Braz. a["i], ha["i], from the animal's cry: cf. F. a["i].] (Zo["o]l.) The three-toed sloth ( Bradypus tridactylus) of South America. See Sloth. [1913 Webster] ||


n. A type of (l en three-toed sloth), (taxlink Bradypus tridactylus species noshow=1), endemic to forests of southern Venezuela, the Guianas, and northern Brazil.


AI, A.I., Ai, or ai may refer to:

Ai (Canaan)

Ai (; "heap of ruins"; Douay-Rheims: Hai) was a Canaanite royal city. According to the Book of Joshua in the Hebrew Bible, it was conquered by the Israelites on their second attempt. The ruins of the city are popularly thought to be in the modern-day archeological site Et-Tell.

Ai (poet)

Ai Ogawa (October 21, 1947 – March 20, 2010), born as Florence Anthony, was an American poet and educator. She won the 1999 National Book Award for Poetry for Vice: New and Selected Poems. Ai is known for her mastery of the dramatic monologue as a poetic form, as well as for taking on dark, controversial topics in her work. 1

AI (computer virus)

AI is a computer virus which infects . EXE files. The virus is loaded into memory by executing an infected program and then affects the computer's run time operation and corrupts program or overlay files. It does not appear to work with all .EXE files but does infect standard DOS files easily. AI adds meaningless garbage bytes to the end of the host file.

Ai (singer)

, known mononymously as Ai (, stylized as AI or A.I. ) is a Japanese-American singer and songwriter. Born in Los Angeles in 1981, Ai spent her childhood in both Kagoshima, Japan and Los Angeles. She debuted as a singer in 2000, later moving to Def Jam Japan and rising to fame with her album 2004 Ai. Her single " Story" (2005) became one of the biggest singles of the 2000s in Japan, and was the sixth single in history to receive a triple million digital certification by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

Ai (chimpanzee)

Ai (born in 1976) is a female chimpanzee currently living at the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University (acronym KUPRI). She is known for being the principal subject of the Ai project, a research program started in 1978 by Tetsuro Matsuzawa which is aimed at understanding chimpanzee cognition through computer interface experiments. The Ai project includes tests for numerical competency, color-to-symbol matching ability, and audio-to-image matching and recognition. Over the years, the Ai project has grown to include a 14-member community of chimpanzees (including Ai's son, Ayumu, born 2000) who reside in a state-of-the-art facility at KUPRI.

Ai (album)

Ai is the third album by Taiwanese power metal band Seraphim. Released in Taiwan on February 10, 2004. This album is available in both Chinese & English.

Ai (given name)

Ai ( Japanese: in hiragana あい, in katakana アイ, in kanji 愛, 藍, 亜衣) is a Japanese feminine given name. It could mean love, affection , or indigo . The kanji 亜衣 is only associated as a proper noun, it could mean Asian clothes.

Ai (surname)

Ai is the Mandarin pinyin and Wade–Giles romanization of the Chinese surname written in Chinese character. It is listed 334th in the Song dynasty classic text Hundred Family Surnames. As of 2008, it is the 215th most common surname in China, shared by 400,000 people.

Usage examples of "ai".

Airen Cracken had fabricated an identity for his son that allowed Pash to enter the Imperial Naval Academy.

Back during the height of the Rebellion, the mechanical genius General Airen Cracken had found a way to rig blaster power packs to explode.

Gene selection beyond physical pick-and-choose, commercial AI, even personal comm units were either disallowed or else heavily regulated on Solcintra, and though many such devices would have given the service class an easier life, they seemed as wedded to the minimal tech as their now-departed overseers.

Helm was almost a misnomer for the functions handled by that AI: It was not only guidance, but engineering, communications, navigation, defence, and science, as well as commissary for all the supplies on board the Fiver which were not for human consumption.

Hawaii and Samoa to ai, in Ban to kana, in Nina to kana, in Nongone to kaka, and in New Caledonia to ki.

And, of course, no alpha synth pilot could ever move beyond com-link range of her AI.

With the camera in her AI, she had recorded Anash and Thuyene speaking in their own language several times.

Sharifi had seen only a pale echo of this, filtered through the uncomprehending field AI.

The two patrolmen were taking the shortest way back into the city centre, along the state highway that parallels the A14 autostrada from Ancona and the Adriatic coast, looping through the unlovely dormitory suburbs to the north of Bologna to connect with the spinal cord of the Ai.

We must likewise take notice of those common names, by which places are distinguished, such as Kir, Caer, Kiriath, Carta, Air, Col, Cala, Beth, Ai, Ain, Caph, and Cephas.

Piloting redundancy is a Cislunar Republic requirement, which can be met by the AI.

Bilong Oliausau had to impress them with her knowledge of neolinguistic AI, and her sexual attractiveness.

AI, but also arranging for necessary environments if they met with the Ousters aboard ship.

He knew, for instance, that sloths were called sloths because the Tupi word for the three-toed sloth was ai, and ai had stood for artificial idiot or artificial imbecile ever since the concept of artificial intelligence had been subdivided.

Later, Tolkien however introduced one more complication: Adjectives in -a had plurals in -ai in archaic Quenya only.