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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gazelle \Ga*zelle"\, n. [F. gazelle, OF. also, gazel; cf. Sp. gacela, Pr. gazella, It. gazella; all fr. Ar. ghaz?l a wild goat.] (Zo["o]l.) One of several small, swift, elegantly formed species of antelope, of the genus Gazella, esp. G. dorcas; -- called also algazel, corinne, korin, and kevel. The gazelles are celebrated for the luster and soft expression of their eyes. [Written also gazel.]

Note: The common species of Northern Africa ( Gazella dorcas); the Arabian gazelle, or ariel ( G. Arabica); the mohr of West Africa ( G. mohr); the Indian ( G. Bennetti); the ahu or Persian ( G. subgutturosa); and the springbok or tsebe ( G. euchore) of South Africa, are the best known.


Etymology 1 n. The Asiatic gazelle. Etymology 2

n. stone platform for moai


Ahu or AHU may refer to:

Usage examples of "ahu".

He and his team restored Ahu Akivi and the ceremonial village at Orongo.

I have traveled so much in my life that, sad to say, it takes a fair amount to truly impress me, but even for me, Ahu Tongariki was a jaw-dropping place.

Moira spotted another group of moai on their ahu on the headlands past the cemetery, so we walked on.

We explored ahu after ahu, the huge moai all toppled, most of them face down.

There was an Ahu there, too: Ahu Nau Nau with seven moai, four with red topknots, and another single moai on the slope of a hill, dedicated to Heyerdahl.

By the time a Russian arrived in 1804, there were only about twenty ahu still standing.

When that was done, we were going to have him give you all a little talk at Ahu Akivi and film that as well.

Unlike other ahu that invariably hugged the coast, this one was inland, an ahu with seven moai gazing across the landscape toward the sea.

I liked it better, other than to say it had a certain grace that the larger Ahu Tongariki lacked, something Brian Murphy attributed to the sensitive restoration work of his hero, Bill Mulloy.

Christian pointed out various features, telling us that long after the moai had been toppled, the ahu had been a burial place.

Christian rounded the end of the ahu, and I was right behind him, snapping photographs.

One after another, those coming around the side of the ahu, all gawking at something other than where they were going, bumped into the person just ahead.

Over to the side, Daniel, who, like me, was oblivious to anything that could not be seen through the camera lens, kept right on filming, panning across the back of the ahu, not noticing the absolute chaos just to his left.

Jasper propped up against the back of Ahu Akivi and the day Moira and I were to put our meticulously planned strategy into action, all hell broke loose.

Vinapu is an ahu where the stonework is believed to resemble that of Cusco, Peru, and one that people point to as evidence of South Amerindian settlement.