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n. largest known toad species; native to Central America; valuable destroyer of insect pests [syn: agua toad, Bufo marinus]


Agua may refer to:

  • Water, in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Volcán de Agua, Guatemala
  • Agua de Dios (God's water), municipality in Colombia
  • Agua (film), a 2006 Argentine and French sports drama film
  • " Água de Beber", a song by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes
Agua (film)

Agua ( and in the United Kingdom: Argentinian Waters) is a 2006 Argentine and French sports drama film directed and written by Verónica Chen and Pablo Lago. The film is centered on a former professional swimming champion returning to old glory in the sport.

Usage examples of "agua".

He gave me a name and the place where the bangs out--a spic bar over on Agua Fria.

Dijo que era absurdo que un hombre ante cuyos ojos se dilataba el Guadalquivir celebrara el agua de un pozo.

La guerra es el hermoso tejido de hombres y el agua de la espada es la sangre.

En tu ditirambo apodaste agua de la espada a la sangre y batalla de hombres a la batalla.

El quinto hice alto en un riachuelo para abastecerme de agua y sestear.

For one had a choice of two routes to Agua Fria, which was well over the border in Mexico.

There was said to be a big underground run at Agua Fria that could be pumped at little expense.

Darkness had fallen when they overtook a solitary horseman coming from Agua Fria.

After their return from Agua Fria, the rescuing party, Jim Galway leading, had attended to another matter.

Todos Santos para la pesca, tiene tambien mejores fondeaderos: la canal para entrar es bastante ancha, con cinco brazas de agua en bajamar.

La grande tiene tres brazas de agua, casi en toda su extension: de modo que los buques pueden fondear en este brazo del Colorado con la mayor seguridad.

Ella es regularmente ancha, y tiene dos brazas de agua al bajamar, en el punto mas bajo.

Route 17, plunging south alongside the Agua Fria ravine and losing altitude so fast they could feel it in their ears, Tizzie and Jude argued.

They would meet in a little while in public, conduct their public business, then drift casually away to a small cabin the man leased and used in the borderland south of Agua Prieta, Mexico, primarily for hunting quail.

Douglas, a border town across from Agua Prieta, and they would reach the cabin the next morning.