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adv. (context colloquial or now often humorous English) (alternative form of again English) prep. (context colloquial or now often humorous English) (alternative form of against English)


Agin may refer to:

  • Ağın, a town in Turkey
  • Agin, alternative name of Aghin, a town in Armenia
  • Agin (surname), Russian last name
  • Agin, a deity in Scythian religion
Agin (surname)

Agin (; masculine) or Agina (; feminine) is a Russian last name. In general, it can be either a variant of the last name Ageyev (derived from the first name Aggey), or it could be a derivative of other names starting with "Ag-" (such as Agafon, Agapy, Agey).

However, the last name of the Russian aristocratic family of Agins (of whom Alexander Agin in the list below is one of the representatives) has a different origin. In the 18th–19th centuries, a tradition existed in Russia to give an abbreviated last name of the father (with the first syllable omitted) to illegitimately born children. The last name "Agin" in particular is an abbreviated form of the last name Yelagin.

People with the last name
  • Alexander Agin (1817–1875), Russian painter who illustrated one of the editions of Dead Souls
  • Daniel Agina, Kenyan association football player

Usage examples of "agin".

His soap had hardly stiffened afore it ran right back to lye and grease agin.

And at the end of the 3d day I gently tackled him agin on the subject, and his state wuz such, bland, serene, happified, that he consented without a parlay.

Brer Fox lay down en roll over, he did, en dis sorter onsettle Brer Rabbit, but by de time Brer Fox got back on his footses agin, Brer Rabbit wuz gwine thoo de underbresh mo' samer dan a racehoss.

I was let up finally, when a powerful large Secesher came up and embraced me, and to show that he had no hard feelins agin me, put his nose into my mouth.

And agin follerd a expletive that wuz still more forcible, and still more sinful.

But at last, after what wuz seemingly a great effort, he began to go on as usual agin.

Afrikan or a country postmaster to his offiss, while my hart whanged agin my ribs like a old fashioned wheat Flale agin a barn floor.

I want you to know I never have been convarted, and I can prove it to you plaguy quick if you stroke me agin the fur.

I knew it would bust somewhere sartin, and make all smoke agin, so I cleared out and left old Drivvle to stand the squall.

This distinguished Afrikin Brother had just returned from Lybery, and in turnin a corner puty suddent I hed stumbled and placed my hed agin his stummick in a rather strengthy manner.

On a suddent she turned the argerment agin me in a way that has stumped me ever since.

Philadelphia and doing all he can to stir up everybody agin me and to bring the bluejackets down on me.

France and now he was home agin in Bostin, which gave birth to a Bunker Hill!

I lets him have it, right, left, right, jist three corkers, beginning with the right hand, shifting to the left, and then with the right hand agin.

Ef, ez I suspect, the leader is an airy young feller from Frisco, who hez took to the road lately, Clinch hez got a personal grudge agin him from a quarrel over draw poker.