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n. (plural of aga English)


Agăş is a commune in Bacău County, Romania. It is composed of eight villages: Agăș, Beleghet, Coșnea, Cotumba, Diaconești, Goioasa, Preluci and Sulța.

Usage examples of "agas".

He reached the Kanea Gate, where the big Turkish coffeehouse patronized by the distinguished agas lay.

He saw the agas comfortably sitting around and sleepily smoking their narghiles.

The bondsmen too, my agas, are ordained by God: they till the fields, they keep trade going, they bring in taxes.

The Christians waited hourly to know where, when and how the agas would strike.

The disgrace had still not been washed away, and the agas were murmuring.

Only a day or two ago your brother rode into the Turkish coffeehouse and turned the agas out.

He had been pumped full of raki by the agas and then sent out into the Greek quarter.

The Christians, gathered hi their houses, trembled at it, lest the agas after their evening feast should rush into the streets and beat the Christian doors in.

The agas put on their best clothes and filled the coffeehouses, where they sat enthroned on soft cushions.

Thodores had been luring the agas of Petrokefalo from mountain to mountain.

He then went to war with the pashas of Arta, of Delvino, and of Ocrida, whom he subdued, together with that of Triccala, and established a predominant influence over the agas of Thessaly.

The Musselim or Governor, with the chief agas of the city, mounted on horses superbly caparisoned, and attended by slaves, meet, commonly on Sunday morning, on their playground.