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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aga \A*ga"\ or ||Agha \A*gha"\ ([.a]*g[aum]" or [=a]"g[.a]), n. In Turkey, a commander or chief officer. It is used also as a title of respect.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

title of rank, especially in Turkey, c.1600, from Turkish agha "chief, master, lord," related to East Turk. agha "elder brother."


n. (alternative spelling of agha English)


Ağa is a Turkish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Mustapha Aga, Ottoman Empire ambassador to the Swedish Court
  • Osman Aga of Temesvar, Ottoman army officer
  • Sedefkar Mehmed Agha, Ottoman architect of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque
  • Suleiman Aga, Ottoman Empire ambassador to the French king Louis XIV
  • Silahdar Findiklili Mehmed Aga, Turkish historian
  • Yakup Ağa, Ottoman cavalry knight
  • Zaro Aga, claimed to be one of the longest-lived humans in the history of mankind
AGA (automobile)

The Aktiengesellschaft für Automobilbau (= corporation for automotive engenineering, abbreviation A.G.A. or AGA) was a German producer of cars in the 1920s in the German capital Berlin.

In 1909 in Berlin an AGA-company was founded as Autogen-Gas-Akkumulator-AG. It was the German filiation of the Swedish company Aktiebolaget Gas-Accumulator (AGA) which still exists in the 21st century since 2000 belonging to the German Linde AG. Since 1917 AGA in Berlin had a new factory-building in Berlin-Lichtenberg in Herzbergstraße. In WW I the company was producing parts for machine-guns. 1920 the Gas-company AGA was rebranded to Aktiengesellschaft für Automobilbau, but gas-AGA was founded newly at the same time, so that the Berlin Gas-company AGA existed parallel with the car-AGA. The gas-AGA was active even after 1945 in West-Berlin. Since 1922 the Berlin car-producer AGA was part of Stinnes-trust. Those data are based on the commercial register in the Berlin Landesarchiv.

The first car, the Typ A of 1919 had a 1418 cc four- cylinder engine driving the rear wheels through a three speed manual transmission. The later Typ C followed in 1921 with the same configuration and engine gave a maximum of as well as the later Typ A. This type had in the very beginning . The car was without much obvious technical ambition, but it was inexpensive for its size and robust, becoming popular especially with small business owners despite its dire brakes. In several cities, including Berlin and Breslau, it was for some time a popular car for use as a taxi.

After the death of Hugo Stinnes in 1924 AGA ran into cash flow difficulties which ended in bankruptcy at the end of 1925. His son Edmund had been trying to implement the very expensive assembly-line production at AGA's, but never finished this project. Typ C, extending the wheelbase from to , increasing the power persuaded from the 1418 cc engine to , and even fitting four wheel brakes. Only very few cars of that kind were built. Never realized was a Typ D.

There were also plans for a small 850cc car to be built under licence from Singer as well as for a six-cylinder model, but these never reached the production stage. From 1926, production had been severely curtailed and it ended in 1929. By that time there must have been between 8,000 and 12,000 AGA cars produced.

Willy Loge was one of the AGA-racers. For the Targa Florio 1924 AGA produced a little number of a TF 6/30 PS sports-racing version which had a 1490cc engine. AGA won many races and was entered in the 1926 German Grand Prix. Other racers also drove AGA cars.

The Swedish Thulin company made only some hundred AGA cars under licence of AGA in Berlin and with the label Thulin between 1920 and 1924.

AGA (singer)

Agatha Kong , known by her stage name AGA, is a Hong Kong singer. She is signed to Universal Music Hong Kong.

Usage examples of "aga".

But if she would like to come here this afternoon with her sewing, the neighbors are coming too, and so is Ali Aga, to amuse us.

Just as she was serving them, lo and behold, over the threshold came their neighbor AH Aga with his stocking and knitting needles and with the green bag given him by Renio slung around his shoulders.

He turned to Ali Aga, who was waiting outside, and signaled to him to come in and unload.

Ali Aga caught it, held it tight in his fist as if it were a bird which might fly away, and bent down to kiss the lavish hand.

Selim Aga, who till now had been smoking his narghile, silent and unmoved, got up.

In the middle walked the muezzin, on his right Selim Aga, and on the left, sunk hi thought, Nuri Bey.

Ali Aga was bringing all the plates, knives and forks in the neighborhood.

Captain Michales had sent All Aga there to spy, to eavesdrop on the servants and find out if Nuri really was seriously wounded.

All Aga had come back that same day with his tongue hanging out and had brought the news.

But old Selim Aga and the other sages led the muezzin into the coffeehouse and ordered coffee, Turkish Delight and a narghile, to calm him down.

Vrondisi, the monastery at the foot of Psiloritis, came down to the rich Turkish village of Suros and killed its bloodthirsty aga, just as he had bound two Christians to the treadmill of the well in his garden and was making them turn the wheel.

Ali Aga had gone ahead, an hour earlier, with two asses, and was waiting by the Three Vaults.

Fat, heavily moving Chrys-anthe stayed at home, in the konak of Ali Aga which the captain had taken over, and prepared the baked meats for the great day when the Moslem woman was to become a Christian.

Jannis saw how Ali Aga had fallen in the world, and suddenly he felt very fond of this Turk, whose misery frightened him.

All Aga was his neighbor, but he could not bear the disgusting fellow.