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init. 1 (context in Australia English) (initialism of Australian federal Federal police Police English) (Established 1979) 2 (context journalism in France English) (initialism of agence Agence France France-presse Presse English) 3 (context in US English) (initialism of association Association of fundraising Fundraising professional Professionals English) 4 (in biomedical research) SIAFP (or AFP), selective immuno affinity purified


AFP may refer to:

AFP (TV series)

AFP is an Australian factual television show that looks at the everyday workings of the Australian Federal Police. It follows AFP investigations and operations in people smuggling, counter terrorism, bomb disposal, international drug syndicates, child sex exploitation and disaster victim identification.

All staff and crew who have worked on the show have been given top secret security clearance.

In 2013, the show was transmitted in the UK on Quest under the title Australia's Toughest Cops.