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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Afferent \Af"fer*ent\, a. [L. afferens, p. pr. of afferre; ad + ferre to bear.] (Physiol.) Bearing or conducting inwards to a part or organ; -- opposed to efferent; as, afferent vessels; afferent nerves, which convey sensations from the external organs to the brain. [1913 Webster] ||


a. Carrying towards. n. An afferent structure or connection


adj. of nerves and nerve impulses; conveying sensory information from the sense organs to the CNS; "afferent nerves"; "afferent impulses" [ant: efferent]


Afferent (from Latin, ad meaning "to" and ferre meaning "to carry") is an anatomical term with the following meanings:

  • Conveying towards a center, for example the afferent arterioles conveying blood toward the Bowman's capsule in the kidney, in the opposite direction to the efferent arterioles
  • Something that so conducts, see Afferent nerve fiber

Afferent may refer to:

  • Afferent Couplings
  • Afferent lymphatic vessels
  • Afferent pupillary defect
  • Afferent vessels (disambiguation)

Category:Medical terminology

Usage examples of "afferent".

They may be stimulated by impulses either from the intermediate neurons, or from branches of the afferent neurons.

A complex system of intermediate neurons, found mostly in the brain, join the afferent with the efferent pathways.

After the establishment of these conditions, afferent impulses from the eyes, ears, skin, and other places, under the general direction of the cerebrum, may cause such actions as the balancing of the body, walking, etc.

The respiratory center is also connected by afferent nerves with the mucous membrane of the air passages.

It is now our purpose to consider the effect produced by afferent impulses upon the brain and, through the brain, upon the mind.

In contact with these, but occupying a separate layer, are the ends of small afferent nerve cells.

Here the impression caused by the light stimulus, upon reaching the medulla along an afferent nerve, is deflected to a motor nerve and, without any conscious control of the movements, the muscles of the eyelid receive the necessary impulse to close.

He painted them varying colors, so that he could make them out, but they grew daily clearer: green, hoselike afferent cells, purple globular neurogliaform cells, red squidlike pyramidal cells.

Straightforward dissections of the earthworm, the frog, the afferent and efferent systems of the dogfish, that kind of thing.