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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Afer \A"fer\, n. [L.] The southwest wind.


Afer may refer to:

  • Afer, an individual of the Afri tribe after which the continent of Africa is probably named
  • Afer, a Roman cognomen in reference to Africa; see below for some examples of people with this name. See also list of Roman cognomina.
  • Afer ventus, another name for Lips, the Roman deity of the southwest wind. See Anemoi.
  • The Afep pigeon (Columba unicincta)
  • A song on the 1991 Enya album Shepherd Moons
Afer (gastropod)

Afer is a genus of sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Buccinidae.

Usage examples of "afer".

The weapon disappeared in a blur of armored skirts and the blocky, powerful thighs of Clodius Afer, lunging between Vibulenus and death.

Among them Vibulenus could see the standard of the Third Century and the stocky form of Clodius Afer who was looking back over his shoulder to shout encouragement.

Clodius Afer in amazement, his fingers hesitating in the midst of releasing the laces that held the shoulder straps to the front of his mail shirt.

Gnaeus Clodius Afer, lifting his head and peering back in the direction from which they had deployed.

Clodius Afer gruffly ordered the accompanying legionaries, but he himself angled toward the fountain.

Clodius Afer asked in a cautionary tone, the helmet poised between his palms and the hinged cheek pieces flopping over the backs of his hands.

Clodius Afer seemed to ignore the words, or at least their strangeness.

Clodius Afer, tilting his head to peer at the curving surface of the ceiling eighty feet above.

Clodius Afer, with a grimace that reflected his own distaste for the situation, thrust himself back into the press.

Clodius Afer demanded, dusting his palms as he strode back to the tribune.

He vaguely remembered that Clodius Afer had said something about wine as the Main Gallery lowered itself after the assembly, and then the two of them had gone off after a bead of orange light.

The tribune stumbled and fell crosswise over Clodius Afer on the couch next to his.

Clodius Afer said nonchalantly to the ceiling, where a yellow bead obediently sprang to life.

Third Century of the Tenth Cohort, Gnaeus, Clodius Afer, hunching along the rampart.

Clodius Afer in a tone so dry that the tribune was not sure whether the veteran was being sarcastic or just making conversation on a subject about which he was willing to be friendly.