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n. A language of Pakistan.


AER or Aer may refer to:

  • Aër, a liturgical item in the Greek Orthodox Church
  • Aer (album), an album by Swiss pianist and composer Nik Bärtsch's band Mobile
  • Aer language
  • Air (classical element), in Greek mythology
  • Eastern Arrernte language (ISO-639: aer)
  • Aer (band), a hip-hop band
Aer (Sendai)

is a skyscraper in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Rising 31 stories to a height of 145.5 m, Aer is the tallest building in the Tohoku region and was partially constructed by robots.


The Aër (, lit. the "air"; modern Greek: Αέρας; Slavonic: Воздýхъ, Vozdúkh) is the largest and outermost of the veils covering the Chalice and Diskos (paten) in the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Eastern Catholic Churches which follow the Byzantine Rite. It is rectangular in shape and corresponds to the veil used to cover the chalice and paten in the Latin Rite, but is larger. It is often made of the same material and color as the vestments of the officiating priest, and often has a fringe going all the way around its edge. Tassels may also be sewn at each of the corners.

It takes its name either from the lightness of the material of which it is made, or from the fact that during the Nicene Creed in the Divine Liturgy, the priest holds it high in the air and waves it slowly over the Chalice and Diskos. Its original use was to cover the Chalice and prevent anything from falling into it before the consecration. It symbolizes the swaddling clothes with which Christ was wrapped at his Nativity, and also the grave clothes in which he was wrapped at his burial (both themes are found in the text of the Liturgy of Preparation).

The Aër is first mentioned by name in an explanation of the Divine Liturgy by a writer of the sixth century, and is also alluded to as "the so-called Aër" in the Acts of the Council of Constantinople.

AER (motorcycles)

AER was a British motorcycle manufacturer. The name was from the initials of the founder, Albert E. Reynolds. Based in Liverpool and his company, AE Reynolds Ltd., ceased motorcycle production on the outbreak of the Second World War.

Aer (album)

Aer is an album by Swiss pianist and composer Nik Bärtsch's band Mobile recorded in Zürich in 2003 and first released on the Tonus Music label in 2004.

Aer (band)

Aer is a young indie US band consisting of David von Mering and Carter Schultz. The duo hail from Wayland, Massachusetts, a small town in the suburbs west of Boston. They first gained popularity with their debut studio album, The Bright Side in 2012, which reached #85 on the US Billboard 200. Their self-titled sophomore album, Aer (2014), reached #26 a year and a half later. The album One Of A Kind was released on August 14, 2015.

Usage examples of "aer".

He also recalled that she had arrived on the early morning Aer Lingus flight from Dublin.

An immigration officer had recognized her and, while unable to remember her surname, he recalled she had arrived on the first Aer Lingus flight from Dublin on Monday 15th March and was travelling on a French passport.

With the help of the Aer Lingus staff, Neagle had discovered that two days before her departure for London the lady had arrived in Dublin on an Aer Lingus flight from New York.

At the Aer Lingus ticket desk I picked up my ticket for Heathrow, which had been booked in the name of Nick Stamford.

Donovan was waiting near a cluster of people by the Aer Lingus off-ramp.

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I got on the phone to Aer Lingus and booked myself on a flight that evening.

He issued instructions to have the CRAF aircraft inspected by maintenance experts from his old squadron and, if it passed muster, have it put back in service and flown to Atlanta for repainting as an Aer Lingus cargo aircraft on charter to the UN.

According to the plan, the rest of the ISEG would proceed to Djibouti aboard the repainted MD-80, complete with an Aer Lingus tail number, ID markings, and a UN humanitarian relief logo.

All thirty-eight members of the ISEG had been deployed to the British base area in Oman, and the MD-80 aircraft that Robertson had ordered had been repainted as an Aer Lingus cargo plane on charter to the UN.

He did not wait to say more, but ran across the yard, dragging her aer him.

This lady was now somewhat past the age of thirty, an aera at which, in the opinion of the malicious, the title of old maid may with no impropriety be assumed.