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n. (context occupational therapy English) An activity of daily living, such as bathe, feeding(,) or relieve oneself oneself.


Adl (, ) is an Arabic word meaning ' justice'. Also, one of the names of God in Islam.

Adel, and Adeel are male names derived from Adl and are common throughout the Muslim worlds and Arab.

Adl (family)

The origin of the modern family name Adl or Adle is from the titles of nobility given to Iranian jurists at the end of the 19th century, that were related by family ties. Notably, these jurists included Hajj Mirza Hossein (also known as Hossein Shah) whose title was Adl-ol-molk (Justice of the Kingdom), Seid Mirza Ebrahim Khalil whose title was Rokn-ol-edaleh (Pillar of Justice), and Mirza Mostafa Khan Adl whose title was Mansoor-ol-saltaneh (the Victorious of the Empire). The latter, Mostafa Adl, drafted Iran's modern civil code (hoghough-e-madani) shortly after the Iranian Revolution of 1903–1905, which was enacted by the then parliament and is still being used today by the present regime.

Adl (newspaper)

Adl is an Iranian newspaper in Fars Province. The concessionaire of this newspaper was Mohammadsadegh Sharif known as Setoodeh and it was published in Shiraz since 1915.