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ADK (automobile)

The ADK was a Belgian automobile manufactured between 1922 and 1930 by Automobiles de Kuyper SA of Anderlecht, Brussels. The company was founded in 1922 by Robert De Kuyper. The company did not make their own engines, these were always bought from other manufacturers.

The first car, the 10CV Type Y-22 used a four-cylinder S.C.A.P. engine. Over the next few years a variety of other 4-cylinder cars were made.

In 1927 (at the Brussels Motor Show) the company announced a 1594 cc pushrod ohv six- cylinder with twin carburettors, as well as in-unit engine/gearbox construction. A straight-8 model was announced in 1928 with a 2340 cc capacity again by S.C.A.P.

The company finally closed in 1931.


ADK may refer to:

  • ADK (automobile), a Belgian automobile manufactured between 1923 and 1930
  • ADK (company) or Alpha Denshi, a video game development company in Japan
  • Adenylate kinase, a phosphotransferase enzyme that plays an important role in cellular energy homeostasis
  • Adenosine kinase, an enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of gamma-phosphate from ATP to adenosine
  • Adirondack Mountain Club, a nonprofit organization in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts
  • Aggressors of Dark Kombat, an arcade game released by SNK and developed by Alpha Denshi Corp, whose acronym is a play on its developer
  • Android Open Accessory Development Kit
  • Asatsu DK, a Japanese advertising firm
  • ADK class diesel multiple unit class of units used on Auckland's suburban network
  • Adak Airport's IATA Code
  • Ardwick railway station's National Rail code
  • ADK, a model for tunnel ionization
  • Adk, a village in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Lycée Français Anne de Kiev

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ADK (company)

, formerly known as , was a Japanese video game production company throughout the 1980s and 90s. ADK began as a developer of arcade games but is best known for their library of SNK Neo Geo titles, mainly produced in the 1990s in partnership with SNK. Most notable among these are their fighting games and in particular, the World Heroes series. The company closed with properties sold to SNK Playmore in 2003.

ADK (gene)

Adenosine kinase is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the ADK gene.