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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Adeem \A*deem"\, v. t. [L. adimere. See Ademption.] (Law) To revoke, as a legacy, grant, etc., or to satisfy it by some other gift. [1913 Webster] ||


vb. (context legal English) To revoke, as a legacy, grant, etc., or to satisfy it by some other gift.


Adeem is a male and female given name.

Adeem (rapper)

Adam Michael Arnone (born May 19, 1978), better known by his stage name Adeem (pronounced "A-D-M" and sometimes styled ADeeM), is an independent American rapper from Keene, New Hampshire. Adeem is best known for his work in the hip hop group Glue and for winning the Scribble Jam Emcee Battle in 1998 and 2001.

Usage examples of "adeem".

I peeked back over the covers and noticed Adeem leaning into Ty, whispering.

I could sense his power and he, unlike Adeem, had fire and ice beneath his aura.

He wanted to save me from the vampires, and only when Adeem interfered did he promise to turn me.

Revenge and the hatred for the monsters that tore my body apart, were my major incentives to keep the search for Adeem alive.

After paying a pretty penny to both the informant and the owner of the bar, I found out that Adeem visited quite frequently.

The tornado of wind whistled loudly around us and up into the heavens, almost knocking Adeem off his feet.

The werewolf to the left of Adeem ducked and the star flew by him, hitting Adeem in the shoulder.

Two, you take me to Ty and feed me Adeem on a plate with mashed potatoes and I let you live.

If I could locate Adeem and take him out, part of my problem would be solved.

Treating Raven like the dangerous predator he was, Adeem very carefully held the sword out to him.

Dazed from the dreamlike state, I was quickly brought back to reality when Adeem started screaming in pain.

Baptiste had Adeem pinned against the floor, straddling him as he wrapped his hands around his neck.

They all had guns drawn and with all the commotion, somehow Adeem had escaped.

I needed to close that chapter on my life and take Adeem out of the equation forever.