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n. 1 (given name: male) 2 (surname: from=given names)


n. a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice [syn: fruit drink]


Ade, Adé, or ADE may refer to:

Ade (drink suffix)

Ade is a suffix used to denote a sweetened, fruit (often citrus) flavored beverage. These drinks may be carbonated or un-carbonated. Widespread examples include lemonade, cherryade, and orangeade.

The suffix has also been used in brand names, including Kool-Aid and Flavor Aid. It is also a popular naming convention with sports drinks, starting with Lucozade, first manufactured in 1927 under the name Glucozade. Other examples include Powerade, Accelerade, Staminade, Sporade, and Gatorade.

Ade (actor)

Ade (born 1970 in Crouch End, London) is a British actor. He is best known for his role as Tyrone the getaway driver in Snatch. Ade also works within the music and publishing industries.

He has also appeared in Casino Royale, The 51st State and Sugarhouse.

Ade (surname)

Ade is an African surname. When found in Western Africa, it is usually accented. Ade is also a surname used by Banjara in India Refer Lambadi.

Ade may refer to people named:

  • Ebiet G. Ade, Indonesian singer
  • George Ade, American writer
  • King Sunny Adé, Nigerian musician
  • MC ADE, American musician
Ade (given name)

Ade ( or ) is a common Nigerian given name, which means crownor royalty in the Yoruba language. It is often short for names such as Adebola, Adeola or Adewale.

  • José dos Santos Ferreira or Adé, Macanese writer
  • Emmanuel Adebayor or Ade, Togolese footballer
  • Ade (actor), English actor
  • Ade Akinbiyi, English footballer
  • Ade Jimoh, American footballer
  • Ade Mafe, English sprinter
  • Ade Obayomi, a contestant in season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance
ADE (chemotherapy)

ADE is a chemotherapy regimen most often used as an induction or consolidation regimen in acute myelogenous leukemia, especially in poor-risk patients or those refractory to the standard first-line induction with standard " 7+3" regimen or who are relapsed after the standard chemotherapy.

ADE regimen consists of three drugs:

  1. Ara-C (cytarabine) - an antimetabolite;
  2. Daunorubicin - an anthracycline antibiotic that is able to intercalate DNA and thus disrupt the cell division cycle, preventing mitosis;
  3. Etoposide - a topoisomerase inhibitor.

Usage examples of "ade".

A conversation among the dead felt unseemly, but Aras knew that Ade Bennett had seen many battlefields and had learned to handle the horror.

But she was the Boss, even if she was a police officer and so not part of his chain of command, and for Ade she always would be.

The Eqbas tilted his head, gaze darting between Nevyan and Ade, pupils snapping open and shut.

Umeh, and Nevyan wondered if Ade ever remembered that the ussissi aide had died with Shan rather than abandon her.

Serrimissani scuttled down it and Ade stepped forward, rifle shouldered, stomach churning, wanting it all to be over and hating himself for his haste.

Aras expected Ade to appear with the body, and he braced himself for the moment, ashamed of dreading it, but it was Serrimissani.

However urgent his problems, Ade and Aras would be in far worse shape than he ever would.

Aras and Ade were leaning over the bed and they both straightened up and turned to look at Eddie at the same time.

Occasionally Eddie had glimpses of what had mAde Ade Bennett into the man he was and the visions were like a sightseeing trip to hell.

But Ade Bennett had it, and he was human, and one day he might be homesick or desperate enough to find a way of getting back to Earth.

Nevyan expected it to be an aggressive gesture and prepared to intervene, but Ade took a step back.

It occurred to Nevyan that Ade might need that too, but that was a matter for the three of them to resolve.

Aras, holding a sizzling pan in one hand, gave Ade an exasperated look and motioned him to the table.

They stared at each other for a second too long and Ade felt his face redden.

Shan carefully with much head-tilting, then stared at Ade for a few moments.