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n. (context Malaysia English) traditional Malay law.


Adat ( Jawi: عادت) is the generic term derived from Arabic language for describing a variety of local customary practices and tradition as observed by Muslim communitites in North Caucasus, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. Despite its Arabic origin, the term adat resonates deeply throughout the Maritime Southeast Asia, where due to colonial influence, its usage has been systematically institutionalised into various non-Muslim communities. Within the region, the term refers, in a broader sense, to the customary norms, rules, interdictions, and injunctions that guide individual's conduct as a member of the community and the sanctions and forms of address by which these norms and rules, are upheld. Adat also include the set of local and traditional laws and dispute resolution systems by which society was regulated.

Usage examples of "adat".

And the first law of adat was that you didn't embarrass your neighbors.

They weren't in his program, they weren't in her adat, they weren't in the plans.

And for the Minang, it was: rantau, the tradition of sending young men abroad, was part of the system of adat, custom and obligation.